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Just found this today: Guffey's Journal, which reports significant real estate transactions around Tulsa, has a web presence.

Guffey's website has a page of headlines about major transactions (the current issue announces that AMF has sold and leased back Sheridan Lanes bowling alley), a list of lots sold, a list of leases, and a list of "executive homes" sales. (In Tulsa, anything over $200,000 is an executive home. That buys, what, a garage apartment timeshare in Palo Alto?)

You can learn a lot about what's going to be happening around by following real estate transactions. If you're concerned about a rezoning in your area, watching for nearby sales may give you early warning of changes to come.

You can also learn who's moving up in the world and who's moving down. I remember the first time I glanced through Guffey's in the library and spotted the name of our plant's general manager, along with where his new house was and how much he paid for it. (In Oklahoma, you can calculate the sale price of a home from the value of the revenue stamps, which cost $1.50 for each $1,000 of value. The amount of the revenue stamps is in the county clerk's records.)

This is one I'll make a regular read.

Guffey's Journal is published by Neighbor Newspapers, which owns 19 Tulsa area publications, including the Catoosa Times and the Broken Arrow Daily Ledger. You'll find Neighbor Newspapers, with links to each of their titles and a few articles from each, on the web at

UPDATE: Well, fooey. Commenter Rob points out that the content on the web is months old, so either they got lazy and stopped updating, or they only intended to provide a sample of what's in the paper each week. You can still find the paper at the library, and I haven't checked, but I'll bet you can buy it at Steve's Sundry.


Rob said:

I noticed this several months ago, but it is not what it seems. Although the date reflects the current date, the listings never change. You still have to get the paper subscription.

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