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He's got a rebuttal to David Averill's call for at-large councilors, comments on Channel 2's story about city workers who are convicted criminals (in which he praises one of the other Michael Bateses in Tulsa, the City's HR director), and asks his readers to translate a Pakistani friend's comment about Mayor LaFortune.

I especially liked this from his rebuttal to Averill:

Here is the problem with the current council, Mr. Averill. Finally, some councilors get elected that are immune to the good ol’ boy network that has been in place for many years. These heroes of truth set forth to clean up the mess that already existed, and the good ol’ boys are scrambling to save themselves. The problem is not the “Medlock bloc”. The problem is writers like you that do not give the public the truth. The problem is that the good ol’ boys in Tulsa have teamed up with power and money, biased media reporting, and lies just to keep their little world of privilege in place.

Good wurk!


Truman said:

Very nice to have a Human Resource Director with the same name or is that the Real You..?

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