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Imagine that you're Alan Jackere, and you're the newly appointed City Attorney of Tulsa. You and one of your subordinates, Pat Boulden, are in Oklahoma City before a Supreme Court referee, arguing that the Supreme Court shouldn't hear an appeal of Judge Ronald Shaffer's ruling ordering the City Council to set an election date for the recall of Councilors Jim Mautino and Chris Medlock. Once the hearing is over, naturally you'll want to inform your boss, the Mayor, how the day went.

And that appears to be exactly what Alan Jackere did today. Shortly after the hearing, Jackere and Boulden were spotted with Democrat former Mayor Susan Savage, now Secretary of State, in her State Capitol office.

It's not known whether Mayor LaFortune, who named Jackere permanent City Attorney last week, was also given a thorough debriefing by Jackere.

John S. Denney, counsel for Homeowners for Fair Zoning, gives you his perspective on today's hearing. An entry from last week explains why Jackere's appointment as City Attorney is a disaster for Tulsa, one which will outlive Bill LaFortune's tenure as Mayor.


Warren said:

You spin very little into a lot of innuendo.

You imply that if Jackere is talking with Savage, he is debriefing her. Then if he is debriefing her, perhaps his loyalty to her is higher than to LaFortune, since you personally have no confirmed report of LaFortune being debriefed.

Thin stuff.

Mike said:

Warren, if you can't see the clear evidence of a coup d'etat in the recall of Medlock and Mautino, brought about by a well-constructed network used to having its own way in the running of this city, I'm sorry for you.

Warren said:

I have never appreciated the status quo more than after seeing Medlock and Mautino's "alternative."

Mike said:

Well, I'm happy to have my shot at a recall petition now--that condescending Tom Baker, in District 4. We need 266 signatures to get a recall vote on him--I'll bet I can collect that many this weekend--and legitimately, to boot!

Let the games begin!

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