Volunteer for Charlotte Harer

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Charlotte Harer, Republican candidate in the Tulsa City Council District 5 special election, could use your help tomorrow morning to get her message out to the voters. You don't have to be a District 5 resident to help. Volunteers will be gathering at 9:30 a.m. at her home at 2927 S 67th East Ave. For more information, call Charlotte at 664-7596 or on her cell phone at 639-1044.


Andy Phillips for Council said:

Sorry, I was busy campaigning for Andy Phillips!

I thought about deleting that comment, because it uses a false e-mail address, I doubt it's really from the Andy Phillips campaign, and I'd be surprised if that campaign really uses or would want to be associated with the sentiment expressed by the phony e-mail address the commenter provided. The comment was posted from, which is the IP address for dmz-gate.sjmc.org, the firewall and proxy server for St. John Medical Center.

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