I heart Huckabee

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One of the names that should have been on Patrick Ruffini's 2008 Republican Presidential Straw Poll was that of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. I hadn't really thought of him as a contender until our recent visit to Little Rock, where I heard him speak at a banquet honoring community volunteers (including my mother-in-law). He's a social and fiscal conservative and has a solid record over nine years as governor.

I was impressed by his ease addressing the audience. I suppose after nine years as governor and many years before that as a Baptist preacher, public speaking wouldn't be a problem, but I've seen plenty of veteran politicians who never learn to deliver a speech in a comfortable, natural way. I was surprised at how mild his accent was -- much less noticeable than Bill Clinton's.

Someone else thinks Mike Huckabee deserves a look as a presidential contender. Someone calling him/herself "Blue State Republican" has started the Mike Huckabee President 2008 blog. He's got an extensive excerpt from a recent column by David Broder, who also enthuses over Huckabee, calling him the most intriguing candidate present at the recent National Governors' Association conference.

Someone to watch.

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W. said:

The only concern I would have about Huckabee at this time is his health. He'd been diagnosed with diabetes before his big weight loss. That's a health concern not to be trifled with, as Johnny Cash and former Chicago Cubs All-Star third baseman Ron Santo can attest.

Brian said:

At this stage of the game Huckabee has as good a chance as most of the others. I don't think there is a clear Republican frontrunner and it may be a semi-unknown like a Huckabee that can win. (ala Jimmy Carter)

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