Show and kvell: Kid photos from Little Rock

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It's been way, way too long since I posted kid photos. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized image:

Here's the eight-year-old getting gang tackled by the German Shepherd puppies at Robinwood Farms.

(More after the jump.)

And here he is in the downstairs sunporch in the house in Quapaw Quarter with Nick, newly relocated from the farm to the city.

Here's the four-year-old nearby, looking for all the world like she's enjoying her morning coffee. (Believe me, she doesn't need caffeine.)

And here she is posing on the front porch. She really wanted her picture taken with this lion.

Hat tip to the missus, who took all of these photos but the last one.


Wow! And everyone says MY daughter looks exactly like me! You two look exactly alike!
I bet you're a proud father.

Man, I hope my wife doesn't see that Robinwood Farms site.... She would make me drive to Arkansas to get one!

Don said:

Great photos! The dog-maul is a classic.

Jan said:

She DOES look just like her daddy, but she also looks just like her mommy! However you see it, you can't miss that she is beyond cute!

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