Tulsa listed as liberal-unfriendly

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I find interesting things when I look through the searches that lead people to this site. Someone got to BatesLine via the search string "old oil money Tulsa," and that search also led to a website called TurnLeft.com and an entry for Tulsa on their list of "Liberal Unfriendly Places."

Now, I would have thought that Tulsa wouldn't make such a list, as it's a rather conservative place and also a pretty friendly place, but I think I should assume that there should be a hyphen between "Liberal" and "Unfriendly" -- meaning that this may not be the kind of place the Creative Class will find to their liking. The page includes comments from conservative Tulsans who say that Tulsa may not be liberal but it isn't hostile to liberals, and liberal Tulsans who advise going beyond first impressions.

Among nearby cities, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Joplin, and Springdale are all listed as liberal-unfriendly. The nearest liberal-friendly city? Fayetteville, Arkansas, which will come as no surprise to Matt.


Dan Paden said:

Back in the day when I kept up with such things, it was fairly common knowledge that Fayetteville was the closest real hotbed of occult activity--Wicca, especially. Makes ya wonder!

What, if liberals are wiccans?

Matt said:

Nothing has changed here. Wiccans, Granolas, Trust Fund Hippies. Fayetteville is a blue hole in a giant red donut.

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