Urban Tulsa profiles little ol' me

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G. W. Schulz's 4,000-word profile of yours truly is the cover story of this week's Urban Tulsa Weekly.

It was a pleasure to get to meet and talk with G. W. over the last few weeks. I've enjoyed his work in UTW, and it's an honor to be the subject of a profile by him. His hiring is a part of UTW's increased coverage of local news, and it's an important step in that paper's evolution from a collection of entertainment reviews and ads to a full-fledged alternative weekly.

I may issue a few clarifications or corrections later to compensate for my failure to answer as clearly as I might have, but for now, I'll just encourage you to read it. I'm very pleased.

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W. Author Profile Page said:

Schulz does a good job, but I especially like Barry Friedman's take on things. He's an equal-opportunity critic, and his report on the recall vote during the "Best of Tulsa" edition threw some sharp barbs at both the pro-recall forces and the Reform Alliance. It's good reading.

Warren Myers said:

I enjoyed the article. I also lived in the rolling hills area when I was young. In fact your mom was my kindergarten teacher. I remember her as a very sweet lady.

Steve Denney said:

Congratulation! A well-deserved article. Upon seeing your shot on the cover, I immediately Googled some shots of Lenin in profile. Close, but no cigar.

Bobby Author Profile Page said:

It's about time you got some well deserved press. I thought it was a good story that needed to be told.

Dan Paden said:

An excellent interview. You set the pace for us all, dude!

bitweever said:

I picked up a copy recently, so now I know what you look like. It is a well-done article, and needed to be told.

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