Funnier than Walken for President...

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... is this.


Dan Paden said:

Great googly-moogly! Henry couldn't possibly have won in Oklahoma without the opposition being divided into two camps, and this fellow thinks he's destined for the presidency?

I'm not a particularly well-informed political animal, but at least I'm not smoking crack...

Anon said:

...that's a school project, ....right?....

Pick a politician and run them for Prez...

Willy Author Profile Page said:

phewww...I'm glad this young lad wasn't able to vote when David Walters was Governor!

Yes, I would say that is significantly more funny than Walken running for prez.
Man, could you imagine what would happen if Henry became president? whew..

W. Author Profile Page said:

I'm sure that knucklehead has never even been to Oklahoma to get a feel how the locals feel about Henry. Sure, he's got relatively high approval numbers here, but I don't think hardly any Sooner -- even Democrats -- think Henry is a viable presidential candidate.

Of course, some Arkansans probably felt that way about Bill Clinton 15 years ago. Texans probably felt that way about George W. Bush a decade ago. Time changes everything.

It pains me to call that poor soul a knucklehead, as he's from my home state, and I used to live near Charleston, home of the Eastern Illinois University Panthers. I guess he's just young and dumb, like a lot of us non-MIT alums were. ;-)

Don said:

His site says, "I am a student at Eastern Illinois University." Having grown up in Illinois and graduated from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, I can tell you that this actually explains a lot.

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