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You may notice things disappearing and reappearing. I'm dealing with a problem that only affects Internet Explorer.

UPDATE: Got sick of tweaking things to make IE happy, and decided to replace my templates, which go all the way back to version 2.6.3, with versions that fit version 3.1x. Of course, all the style names have changed, so I had to get a 3.1x style sheet. Then I had to bring back all my customizations, or most of 'em anyway. I was planning to spend the last two hours on actual blog content. Oh, well. Comments on the change in appearance are welcome. I'm thinking of adding a second sidebar, maybe also creating a PDA-friendly alternate main page, sort of like Instapundit has. The default font in the new template is very small, so I changed it back to something more like I had before.

And, yes, as Bobby notes, I will be upgrading to 3.2 before long, and will get to go through all this once more.


Bobby Author Profile Page said:

Hey... this seems vaguely familiar! Just wait until you update to MT 3.2... Good Luck!

Admit it Michael, (and you, too, Bobby!), tweaking is half the fun!
Of course, I tweak too much sometimes and create more problems than I solve and the whole thing comes crashing down (literally)!
Hope that doesn't happen to batesline! Michael, don't you have a "backup" blog somewhere? I seem to remember you writing about that once before.

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