Whirled spins down airport trust info

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Although it's still listed on the site map of tulsaworld.com, the link to Tulsa Whirled's archive of stories on the investigation of Tulsa's airport trust is broken. Hmmm.

The findings and documents collected by the Council's airport investigation also appear to be missing from the City Council's website.

UPDATE: Here's the airport investigation report on the Council's website.


Joseph Wallis said:

The links for the substandard housing are broken too.

I think they have moved or demolished them to make room for a parking lot or a heating and cooling unit.

Anon said:

I have copies downloaded from the Council's website when they were available. If you need them, say so here.

Does seem as though they'd be permmently posted online, however. I've noticed other information disappearing from Tulsa City websites, too. That's why I've started downloading them as they appear.

Did you know you can't easily get your Councilpersons' email address on the Council website without typing in your address? (It can be gotten if you're resourceful, but it's not apparent).

Tulsa needs a true historical documents website, along with a 'librarian' type webmaster to facilitate its' maintenance. Council and other meetings videos, speech text, minutes, TGOV vido postings, virtually all documents presented in meetings, etc., etc.

No pump, no opinion, just the facts, er documents.

Information is the foe of the current administration. They like to keep the masses ignorant.

susan said:

Humm.............see if Sam Roop
can answer your questions on this.....is Sam Roop's e-mail available? I wonder what Sam Roop's comments would be on the head bobber on video (that close up was great on the Tulsa World
newspaper writer that is supposed to give us fair
and balanced news.......

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