Great Plains Airlines subpoena funding on agenda tonight

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The Tulsa City Council will vote tonight at their regular 6 p.m. meeting on whether to authorize the funding to copy Great Plains Airlines bank records as part of the investigation into that airline. Great Plains says the city can have them, but only if they pay for the cost of making the copies. The Tulsa Whirled and its allies want the investigation to stop. If you think it's important to know where tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies went, make plans to be present and tell the Council what you think.

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susan said:

We picked up the Opinion/Editorial of the Urban Tulsa Weekley dated Oct6-12th WHY ARE SOME INTERESTS TAKING GREAT PAINS TO STOP NEW INVESTIGATION OF GREAT PLAINS?

Michael looks better than that picture -- it should be lighter. Where we ate, several people had picked up the Urban Tulsa Weekly and I noticed they were all reading Michael's article!

Maybe Michael Bates can produce a game by Christmas with all the non-sense at City Hall you have a lot of information to work with. You should have some hilarious cartoons to print on a game of cards. I love the one with the writer from the Tulsa World and Neal with what they were holding. Try and write for Community Spirit too. Voters should be educated on what is going on in Tulsa, and it isn't going to be printed in the Tulsa World with what you have to report. WPC bought 233,333 shares -- spinned into the T.W. reported 3% by you know who.
If you are guilty of something for example former State Sen. Stipe might have gotten away with 233,333 loopholes or wiggleworms, but finally got caught and lost his ability to stay in office and Stipe finally got caught -- a mockery out of what he stands for in politics. Do you think the Tulsa World being democrat would report it as well.. .... sugar coat it and spin it .....
Former State Senator Stipe told the truth 3% of the time. He let his conscience be his guide.

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