LaFortune announces for re-election

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Tulsa Mayor Bill LaFortune announced today that he is running for re-election. The announcement occurred on the shop floor at McElroy Manufacturing, and the press release only went out early this morning. I should have pictures and video for you later today.

Who was there? Only one other elected official, Sheriff Stanley Glanz. Nearly every member of the Mayor's staff. A small group from the Firefighters Union, who are supporting LaFortune's reelection. A few business folks: Henry Primeaux, Jono Helmerich, and Chip McElroy, head of McElroy Manufacturing. Bill's uncle, former mayor Robert LaFortune. Employees, wearing new McElroy T-shirts, were gathered around the periphery of the area where the announcement took place.

Who wasn't there? City councilors, state legislators, county commissioners, the Mayor's wife and children.

The Mayor's speech consisted of a series of statements beginning with the phrase, "I'm excited." He was interrupted by applause once, when mentioning that Sheriff Glanz was back in control of the Tulsa County jail. Only about half of the McElroy employees applauded when everyone else did.

There was a barbecue buffet set up for employees and guests.

If it hadn't been for the people who were paid to be there, I don't think there would have been much of a turnout.

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Rob O. Peck said:

Anyone from the FOP there? No? I wonder why!

Dan Paden said:

For barbecue and a paycheck, I might've shown up. But I don't think you coulda got me to clap.

Michael, saw you there, sorry I didn't manage to get up and introduce myself before things got rolling.

The food wasn't primarily for the mayor's announcement but was rather for McElroy employees celebrating some record months.

To be honest, I didn't feel the Mayor had anything interesting to say.

I'll be real interested to see who else announces though. I can't say that I'm terribly excited about the choices so far. Unfortunately for me I've moved to Owasso, so I'll have zero input on the mayoral election of the city I work in. :-(

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