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Did you know you can hail a pedicab in Jenks? Golzern Pedicabs will take you from the Jenks Riverwalk to nearby Jenks locations -- you name the price. How do they make money? Apparently from special events and selling advertising on the attention-getting vehicle. (Found via Tulsa Indy Gazetteer.)


Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

I hope this catches on.

susan said:

There was a story about it in the T.W. They do have set prices they will be charging for their service which is a husband/wife team taking turns peddling. Not sure how well this business will do since colder weather and rain/sleet/or snow will soon be here.

Since the walking/bike path is really not that wide at all, I am not sure this will be well received from serious bikers and/or walkers. There are many that walk or bike that don't really pay attention what's coming behind them but who knows, maybe they have a horn or ringer loud enough to get everyone's attention. It would take the pedi-cab business owners hitting just the right person that would file a nice lawsuit it may or may not last.

Joseph Wallis said:

I would like to know how much they pay the riverwalk for the privilege to run there when there are signs posted that state no vehicle traffic. These trishaws are huge....and unwelcome.

susan said:

This is intended to become a "business" where they should be filing with the Better Business Bureau and what they make reported to the I.R.S. They are taking donations at the beginning to see how well people like the idea. It was reported they do intend to charge a certain fee depending on how many are riding making the weight of the vehicle even harder on the one in front peddling to control if they were peddling in bad weather and hit a slick spot. Even if a child darted out in front, could they easily stop their pedicab? There are kids, teens and adults that jaywalk even on city streets so the safety issue of if they can stop quick enough should any of those things happen should be noted. The Jenks City Council should review the safety issues if that is where they intend to do their pedicab business. If the pedicab will be on the street, the bicycle/pedicab would need to go by street rules having the proper safety features.

The pedicab as reported in the T.W. is heavy and there are many parents that allow their children to roam unsupervised on the Riverparks walking/bike trail.

Many people that walk or bike on the bike and walking path wear radio/music headphones and would not be able to hear the pedicab coming behind them.

A better place to have their business is around the Tulsa Zoo/the park play area and Oxley Nature area. They would probably get a lot more business. People must drive slowly through those areas anyway. Kids are usually more supervised.

Joe Henretty said:

Dear Batesline Bloggers:
I am the operator of the Golzern Pedicab. I just wanted to inform everyone that YES I do pay taxes on the revenue from the pedicab. Your IRS, Your state and your city of jenks all receive "their" cut. YES I do have safety concerns. I have headlights tail lights and a "bell". I would like to remind you that the rivertrail is in excess of twice the size of my pedicab. There is excess of room on that trail when I pass someone. Every person I pass I pass with care and with a gentle "ringing of the bell". Also the "little" sign on the rivertrail applies to "vehicles" like your gas guzzling SUV. I am street legal and I have paid my FEES to the city, the state, and the FEDS!
Mr. Wallis I invite you to come and try a ride on the pedicabs. Would you rather have a pedicab coming behind you on the road? Or a woman driving a gas guzzling SUV on a cell phone driving up behind you? We respect the walkers, children and the great customers of the RiverWalk Crossing....(Which by the way...Tulsa should have had 30yrs ago?)

Joe, thanks for your comment. I for one think it's a great idea, and perhaps someday you can expand to the Tulsa side of the river, when we finally have a RiverWalk-like place where people shop and stroll.

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