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You've probably noticed the new LaFortune for Mayor logo and slogan -- "LaFortune continued." Over the transom comes the first ad test using the new slogan:


Effective? What do you think?

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susan said:

LaFortune Continued? It would be nice to get somebody as Mayor with the vision and abilities of a President and CEO that has turned around a bankrupt company and made it into a million dollar business. It would be nice if the Mayor
could get City of Tulsa workers and employees to work faster and harder and not give us the impression while they are working on the streets that they live in a communist country where they can work as slow as they wish, make mistakes, ignore complaints, pass the buck (complaint) to another and another and other until finally months have gone by and we have another ...."continued".

Somehow I just don't think that "continued" slogan is appropriate.

When giving to the American Red Cross now there are more natural disasters and the Red Cross seeks more volunteers, somehow Americans generously donating millions to the Red Cross for hurricane relief and other new causes, I don't know how Marsha Evans can be paid almost a half a million a year. Feed the Children used to have a bad reputation for rating poorly in the financial health of charities with their head guy taking a hefty salary of what people thought was going to the needy.

The T.W. did an article on Roger Randle, former Mayor of Tulsa and somehow he landed contracts for about $10,000 - $15,000 a month --(was there a job search for that where Roger actually was the best qualified person for the job????) a job he got a contract for that was not published in the T.W. classified ads. Roger, how do you land those lucrative contract deals -- a little
democrat politics possibly?

Jeff Shaw said:

Ha! This is hilarious.

Bobby Author Profile Page said:

You know that would be funny if it wasn't so true.

susan said:

I guess they could always put "you rub my back -- I'll rub yours....continued"

(LaFortune is all for the taxpayers funding the new Arena which may or may not operate in the black. Harry Primeaux gets a new place to have the Tulsa Talons games suggesting higher price tickets which as co-operator of the Tulsa Talons would make Primeaux a happy guy from the luxury of the City of Tulsa taxpayers providing a magnificent place to have Talons games played. Creative definitions to ethics....continued.....
Oh Henry, are you going to get a tax write off on the Mayor's use of that car too?

holy crap that is hilarious.
alright, who made that?

Very nice. I'm yanking it for my blog...

Jeff Scott said:

Nice piece of work. On a serious note, Lafortune's campaign slogan is terrible. My interpretation of his slogan is "you are in for four more years of the same crap and there is nothing you can do about it." I say we prove him wrong.

jan thomas said:

I wish we could figure out how to make it in neon for the back window of my car!

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