A political/marketing consultant comments on faith and political courage

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Mister Snitch!, a Hoboken, NJ, based communications consultant, has posted a response to my Urban Tulsa Weekly column about faith and political courage. It's an interesting perspective, coming from someone who has worked with Blue State politicians.

When I've finally caught up on sleep, I'll respond to his post and the earlier responses to my column, which you'll find here.


Mr. Snitch! said:

My post was hardly a complete analysis of faith and politics, which is an interesting and important subject. (It is probably undercovered, although I really have not checked.) Since I do communications for politicians, I took the route I knew best. Communications IS extremely important in politics. The politician who communicates best is (all else being equal) the one who succeeds. But faith is needed in the everyday practice of politics, and I barely touched it. I thought of several examples since then.

I am going to nose around and see what else is available on the subject. There's enough meat here to hang not one, but a series of books on. Unless of course the subject has been covered.

So much to write about, so little time. (And sleep.)

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