Bogus signature collection?

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Know what you're signing. There are reports that Tulsans for Badder Government, the elite bunch pushing for diluting representative democracy in Tulsa, are obtaining petition signatures under false pretenses:

A person went to the post office and a petition was presented for him/her to sign. The top petition page was for the TABOR (Tax Payer Bill of Rights) and all indications were that was the petition being signed. HOWEVER, THE ACTUAL PETITION WAS FOR THE COUNCILOR AT LARGE PROPOSAL. That, folks, is lower in life forms than dung beetles. So, if you are asked to sign a petition, just refuse unless you read everything completely and know for a fact exactly what you are signing.

In addition to being so low, get this; the people asking you to sign the petition, may be breaking the law. Title 34, Oklahoma Statute 3.1, says signature collectors must be citizens of the State of Oklahoma. Violations of that statute can be fined $1000.00 plus 1 year in jail for each offense. Two of the signature gatherers were from out of state and ran away when asked to provide identification.

Remember, a valid petition will always have the gist of the petition on the page you're signing. Be sure you can see and read the whole page before you sign. If you are presented with the at-large councilors petition, ask to see the petition gatherers' ID.

Please report any sightings of the at-large councilors petition to the Tulsans Defending Democracy website -- what day, what time, where, and, if possible, the name of the petition gatherer. Also let TDD know if you've been contacted in any other way about the petition -- a letter in the mail, a phone call, a poll.

Hat tip to MeeCiteeWurkor and Citizens for Fair and Clean Government.

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This is not good: A person went to the [Tulsa] post office and a petition was presented for he/she to sign. The top petition page was for the TABOR (Tax... Read More


Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

This is very unfortunate. I must now find out how to get a copy of the signatures. I have signed what I thougth was a TABOR petition, and would NEVER, EVER sign a petition for the "at large" councilor proposal. If my signature is on that petition I'm going to be very very angry.

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

I believe this may be urban rumor. I spoke with a petition worker this afternoon. He smiled when I asked him about it. He told me that most of the workers have all three petitions. For everyone's information, each petition is a different color. The City Council proposal is pink, if I remember correctly.

Bob said:

Ditto to Jeff's comments. I've been approached twice by petition Canvassers, once at the P.O., and once on the parking lot of a Wal Mart Neighborhood market.

In both instances, the canvasser made it clear that he was soliciting for TWO distinct petitions: In the first instance, TABOR, and Emiment Domain Reform petitions; and in the second instance, TABOR and the At-Large Councilor petitions.

I did not experience any attempt at deception.

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