First day of filing for Tulsa city elections

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I stopped by the Tulsa County Election Board about 30 minutes ago and found out who has jumped in on the first day of filing.


The rumors of Bill LaFortune's departure from the race turned out to be only rumors. He filed for re-election today as a Republican. His primary opponents so far are City Councilor Chris Medlock and Brigitte Harper (former Tulsa County Republican Party vice chairman), both of whom declared their candidacy some months ago.

On the Democrat side, former State Rep. and Great Plains Airlines investor and director Don McCorkell filed, as did State Commerce Secretary Kathy Taylor. Taylor has been rumored as a 1st Congressional District candidate, but she has much better odds running for Mayor. Prophet-Kelly L. Clark Sr., who ran as a Republican for the District 7 City Council seat in 2004, and who is a frequent speaker at city council meetings, filed, as did Accountability Burns, aka Einstein 5, who in years past has run for Mayor, City Auditor, and various seats on the pre-1989 City Commission.

Announced but not running is City Councilor Tom Baker, who was seen at the Election Board this afternoon in Kathy Taylor's entourage. He's apparently not running for re-election to his current seat either.


Phil Wood, incumbent since before the current charter was adopted in 1989, has filed for re-election as a Democrat. This may be the race with the largest age gap: Michael Willis, 25-year-old aide to Bill LaFortune, has filed as a Republican. Wood turned 82 last month.


District 1: Councilor Jack Henderson, a Democrat, is the only filer so far. There are no other announced candidates.

District 2: This is an open seat because the incumbent, Chris Medlock, is running for Mayor. Paul F. Prather, an attorney who lives in the neighborhood south of Southern Hills Country Club, filed as a Republican today. Another Republican, Rick Westcott, who headed up Tulsans for Election Integrity, the group that opposed last summer's recall election, has announced and is expected to file. Jeannie Cue, sister of County Commissioner (and former District 2 Councilor) Randi Miller, began campaigning, but I am told that she has dropped out and is supporting Westcott.

District 3: Just two filings today, setting up another Democratic primary rematch between incumbent Councilor Roscoe H. Turner and former incumbent David Patrick. In 2004, Turner won a re-vote with 54% after the original vote was invalidated because enough Republicans voted in the Democrat primary to make the true outcome mathematically unknowable.

District 4: Just one filing today: Republican Rick Brinkley, president of the local Better Business Bureau office, and immediate past president of the Downtown Kiwanis Club. Neighborhood leader Maria Barnes and real estate agent Jack Wing are expected to file as Democrats. Eric Gomez, who came within 30 votes of beating incumbent Tom Baker in 2004, likely won't be running.

District 5: Incumbent Bill "29%" Martinson has filed for re-election as a Republican, and he has drawn one primary opponent so far: John Gregory Madden III. 26-year-old Jon Kirby has filed as a Democrat.

District 6: Incumbent Republican Jim Mautino was today's only filer.

District 7: Republican attorney John Eagleton has filed for his third attempt to win this seat. Until today, he had no announced opposition, but today he drew as a primary opponent Robert A. Gwin Jr. I seem to recall that Gwin ran for Mayor or some other city office in the past. Randy Sullivan, who abandoned the district in December 2003, isn't seeking re-election here or in the district he moved to.

District 8: Incumbent Republican Bill Christiansen has drawn a formidable primary opponent in Cliff Magee.

District 9: Attorney Cason Carter and William J. Stava III, filed as Republicans. Incumbent Susan Neal isn't seeking re-election.

Out of time for now -- I'll hotlink names and add details later.

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Take your corners Tulsa...we have a new group to scrutinize!

ted said:

It's great to see Boss Einstein Burns still wants to contribute. His resume, which includes several super secret degrees and a stint as High Sheriff of Mars, should be an asset. Best I recall, though, his wife is still being held for a brutally high, impossible ransom.

susan said:

TOM BAKER never would have won many votes as mayor or for his re-election in district 4. He saw the writing on the wall. It's interesting Tulsa World gave him so much press as though it was any big deal at all. TOM BAKER has been a HUGE disappointment for District 4. It is no surprise he won't try to run for Mayor or District 4 rep. He would never win either race.

Hopefully Rick Brinkley can get Keystone Concrete Services to replace all the bad concrete work KEYSTONE SERVICES did on the Bond project in that area. Within a year of when they did they work, concrete started cracking. Our taxpayer dollars and no one from the Mayor's Action would contact KEYSTONE SERVICES to re-do the bad work they did with most of their workers from Keystone that don't speak English. CITY OF TULSA needs to start awarding concrete contracts to other concrete companies.

Elaine Dodd said:

You don't have to go to the election board in person to learn of the filings. You can call the election board during hours of operation and get the information over the telephone.
Congrats on your precious new addition.

Elaine Dodd
Tulsa County Election Board
Democrat alternate

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