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More analysis tomorrow, but I had to get this table up where you could see it. As I looked through the C-1 forms filed by Tulsa city candidates, I kept seeing some of the same names over and over again. Almost as if this group of contributors were coordinating their efforts. So I made a table to show certain contributors and the campaigns they helped. The candidates, districts, and parties are on the left side, the contributors are along the top. Here are the names and affiliations of the contributors:

  • George Kaiser, chairman of Bank of Oklahoma
  • Bank of Oklahoma Financial Corp PAC
  • Robert C. Poe, former president of the Tulsa Metro Chamber
  • John Brock, wrote fast-tracked Tulsa Whirled guest opinions in support of at-large councilors and having the city give $7.5 million to BOk to repay money the City doesn't owe
  • Oklahoma Realtors PAC
  • Arthur H. "Chip" McElroy, II, president, McElroy Mfg. Co., and chairman of Tulsans for Better Government, the group backing the at-large supercouncilor proposal
  • John and Mary Ann Bumgarner -- involved in development of the 15th & Utica Arvest Bank
  • Howard G. Barnett, advocate of at-large supercouncilors, named by LaFortune to his "Citizens Commission" studying city government
  • Art Justis, former City Councilor for District 6 -- the $1,000 shows up on his campaign filing as a contribution to David Patrick's campaign, but Patrick didn't disclose the contribution
  • Jay Helm, American Residential Group
  • Leonard and Patty Eaton -- backers of the at-large councilor proposal

That last row is for Grow Tulsa PAC, 20 E 5th #1500, which received $5,000 each from Barnett, Kaiser, and BOk PAC, and $1,000 each from C. Arnold Brown, Dave Presley, and Reuben Davis. All their contributions came between January 31 and February 10, and they list no expenditures. In block 3 on the form, Office Sought, is filled in with "Councilors." Evidently this will allow them to channel more money to favored council races during the last week before the primaries.

There are more interesting items -- I'm just scratching the surface. Particularly with the first five columns, it looks a lot like a coordinated council-packing effort. These donors only gave to these candidates -- no variation in other races. It's as if they've put together a team, a slate of candidates.

How did Jack Henderson get on the list? Possibly because he is a shoo-in for re-election, and they wanted to get on his good side.

DistCandidateKaiserBOk PAC PoeBrockRealtor PACMcElroyBumgarnerBarnettJustisHelmEaton
1Henderson (D)500500500
2 Prather (R) 1000 1000 600 1000 1000 3000 1000
3 Patrick (D) 1500 1000 800 1000 1500 1000 3000 1000
4 Wing (D) 600 1000 500 250
5 Martinson (R) 1000 1000 700 500 2000
6 Buchert (R) 1000 1000 700 1000 1000 250
7 Zarley (R) 500 1000 500 500
8 Christiansen (R) 1000 1000 800 1000
9 Stava (R) 1000 1000 900 2500
M LaFortune 1000 2000 1000 3000 3000 2500 2500
M Taylor 2500 2000 5000 5000
GROW TULSA PAC 5000 5000 5000
If you want more, tune into 1170 KFAQ tomorrow morning from 6 to 7. I need some sleep! UPDATE: Here are links to the Tulsa World's stories on campaign contributions, with lists of contributors: Most candidates. Randi Miller and other late filers.


XonOFF said:

Not sure if it me or not, but your table cuts off vertically at "Bumgar"...along the titles row.
That would be about 80-characters, I'm guessing.

Doesn't correct when I widen my IE window.

I was able to view the source in PSPad and saw the rest, but can't in IE5.01 Can't try FireFox right now, it's busted.

It's fine in IE 6.0 and Firefox. Older versions of Internet Explorer are very non-standards-compliant, not to mention buggy and full of security holes. I strongly recommend upgrading to IE 6, or better yet, get the latest version of FireFox.

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