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I was on the radio with DelGiorno this morning, and we discussed the mayoral race, today's school board elections, and the ORU campaign e-mail scandal, among other topics. You can catch the repeat on the web at 9:40 a.m., 1:10 p.m., 4:40 p.m., and 8:10 p.m.

My fellow TulsaBloggers have been busy with coverage of city politics -- a lot of material you need to read. MeeCiteeWurkor has a merged feed of headlines from all our blogs, with the latest headlines at the top, and going back about a week. It's a very handy way of making sure you don't miss anything. A selection:

David Schuttler catches Kathy Taylor in some myth-making about her name and her background. Was it really a financial struggle to be Dollar Thrifty's general counsel? Something doesn't add up. And Tulsa Chigger says the image being crafted in Taylor's campaign ads doesn't match up with reality.

Joe Kelley challenges the Whirled's claim that politicians are trying to buy south Tulsa's votes by opposing the toll bridge.

A graphic designer tells Steve Roemerman that Bill LaFortune's campaign font is round, soft, and weak.

Dan Paden is wondering about the motives of our candidates for city office, particularly the wealthy ones, and he takes a look at his trusty reverse barometer for electoral guidance.

Completely non-political: Don Danz has found an Olympic use for those blasted AOL CDs.


sbtulsa said:

what doies it say about the leadership of Tulsa that our materplan hasn't been looked at in thirty years. i believe i read that or heard it on kfaq this morning. is this true?

susan said:

Just take a look at the "democrats" that are big
news in the Tulsa World right now. The Easley
family. Mike Easley, Kevin Easley, even their
mother in the State Senate appears to havebbeen blind all these years as to what her two boys have been up to with all that political power they feel they have?

Kathy Taylor is obviously a favorite with the democratic newspaper Tulsa World so we are never going to get fair and balanced news from Ken Neal or any other T.W. reporter when it comes to Kathy Taylor. McCorkell seems to be on vacation in this campaign or maybe Kathy Taylor's husband
bought him a nice vacation home to bow out.

I agree the federal government needs to investigate "a culture of ethical corruption" at the Grand River Dam Authority too with the democrat Kevin Easley.

Kathy Taylor is loaded (thanks to her very wealthy husband that is). I am still not sure what she has actually done? Her husband can wine and dine Gov. Brad Henry to the OKC position she held. Being President and leader of the Kathy and Bill family owned foundation should not count as generating any big business for Tulsa. She obviously can have her husband buy t.v. ads and lots of campaign materials.

If she wanted to help Tulsa, she absolutely should have brought DELL to Tulsa and not to
OKlahoma City.
Michael Bates is right. Tulsa lost hundreds of I.T./high tech computer and I.T. manager/director jobs in the last few years through no fault of their own and of all places in Oklahoma, Tulsa would have been the prime spot to put Dell.
Tulsa had the educated workers and it also would have been a much more welcome business than the Arena that will be costing the Tulsa taxpayers millions!
Where was Bill LaFortune on getting Kathy Taylor to place Dell here in Tulsa? If she cared so much about Tulsa, where was she when Tulsa computer workers needed those good jobs?

Joseph Wallis said:

The TW is a democratic newspaper? Now THAT is news to me!

Oh, and I wouldn't call Dell assembly line work "good jobs"....the jobs that we are losing from WilTel....now THOSE are good jobs.

susan said:

It's interesting Sam Roop has been so content in the last year since he got his gigantic sudden pay raise from City Councilor pay to suddenly and with no university degree as far as I remember the Tulsa World saying .... Roop advanced without the City of Tulsa HR Director doing a search for the best applicant for this job Sam Roop suddenly advanced to $90,000.00 a year and maybe he's up to $95,000.00 by now and still Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Tulsa.

The Tulsa World suggested when Sam Roop just got hired if his brand new boss Mayor LaFortune "hacks him off", he might just run for Mayor.

The City of Tulsa HR Director really looked through that huge stack of resumes and did a talent search for that job .....all new employees
get a massive job pay raise like that don't they
and also get away with saying knuckle-head comments like that about their brand new boss -- ...well only working for Mayor LaFortune that is.

Considering Tulsa weathered one of the worst
recessions in history with hundreds being laid off from work, Dell definitely would have been a welcome company to have in Tulsa. However, Kathy
Taylor did not try to help Tulsa by working with
Mayor LaFortune to manage that plan.

If Kathy Taylor is elected Mayor, she will be living "in luxury" because of her very rich husband.
However, if Chris Medlock is Mayor, he actually has worked on the City Council and already knows the problems and needs Tulsa has.

Possible layoffs at Level 3 Communications -- still very possible.

tulsadem said:

McCorkell asleep? What do you mean? He was the first one on tv, the first one on radio. He held those slots for weeks without anyone else out there. He has also made several appearances on the Delgornio show which obviously got Taylor scared enough to go meet with Delgornio herself.

howard said:

This latest McCorkell/Taylor fiasco about voting twice is concerning. I don't like nasty political smearing, but I also have just had it with fabrications in Ms. Taylor's background. Yes, I think she is smart and ambitious, but her bios just don't quite ring true and cannot figure out why she has rearranged history. In her press conference yesterday, she said she moved to Florida in 2000? Curiously untrue. She may have spent a lot of time there, but she never moved to Florida. Don't believe me..check it out. Her daughter was at Holland Hall at the time and she had a big PTA position as chairman of the High School division. Second, I am sick and tired of her pretending to have been a struggling single mom. That is a disgrace to any real single parent who actually has/is struggling. Her ex-husband had joint custody and was a devoted parent. Money was not a problem and then she married Mr. Lobeck, which didn't hurt the pocket book. Thanks for letting me release some frustration. Politics is a dirty business and I just wish everyone would look out for Tulsa, not mud-sling and not reinvent history along the way.

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