A tale of two K/Cathys

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So we're told there's a Cathy-with-a-C Taylor, an attorney, who ran into all sorts of problems trying to vote in 2000, and who has been put forward by the Kathy-with-a-K Taylor campaign as their explanation as to why voter records show that Kathy-with-a-K voted in person at Tulsa County Precinct 70 on November 7, 2000, a week or so after she had mailed in her Broward County, Florida, absentee ballot. (As you'll see below, voter records show that Cathy-with-a-C voted in Precinct 74.)

To emphasize that an error must have occurred in Taylor's case, Catherine C. Taylor, also an attorney, spoke out Friday about the difficulties she had when she tried to vote in the 2000 presidential election.

Cathy Taylor gave interviews with Kathy Taylor at the candidate's campaign headquarters.

Cathy Taylor said when the voting issue erupted as a campaign issue, a friend contacted her to say she thought she was the cause of it.

I think I remember seeing this situation on Nick at Nite:

Two Taylors

Meet Kathy, who's lived most everywhere,
From Zanzibar to Barclay Square.
But Cathy's only seen the sights
A girl can see from Tower Heights --
What a crazy pair!

But they're voters,
Identical voters all the way.
One pair of matching C/Kathys,
Different as night and day.

While Kathy adores a minuet,
The Ballet Russe,
And crépe suzette,

Our Cathy loves to rock'n'roll;
A hot dog makes her lose control:
What a wild duet!

Still, they're voters!
Identical voters
And you'll find

They dress alike,
Emote alike,
At times they even
Vote alike --
You can lose your mind,
When voters
Are two of a kind!

(Image borrowed from an article on Taylor's spinning at Roemerman on Record.)

Catherine Cain Taylor (the only Catherine C. Taylor shown as a registered voter in Tulsa County for that period), born November 1, 1961, registered September 26, 1988, voter ID number 720038626, is also recorded as having voted in person on November 7, 2000. So if she signed next to Kathy-with-a-K Taylor's name, who signed next to Cathy-with-a-C Taylor's name?

What are the odds that yet another C/Kathy Taylor accidentally voted in Catherine Cain Taylor's place, while Catherine Cain Taylor accidentally voted in Kathryn L. Taylor's place?

As Kathy-with-a-K might say, "That... is crazy."

One more thing: Kathy's motivation for voting in Oklahoma. Taylor said that she voted by absentee ballot in Florida, where the presidential race was known to be close. Why, says she, would she vote in Oklahoma where it wouldn't have made any difference?

Her vote may not have made a difference in the presidential race in Oklahoma, but on the ballot in her Oklahoma precinct was a very hot state senate race. Senate District 33 was evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. Incumbent Democrat Penny Williams was seeking her fourth Senate term against assistant District Attorney Paul Wilkening. Tulsa Whirled stories leading up to the election indicate that it was expected to be a close race.

Would Taylor have voted to help a fellow female Democrat, well-beloved in midtown social circles and known as an education advocate at the State Capitol? Perhaps she only voted in the state senate race and other state races, but didn't vote for president on her Oklahoma ballot, rationalizing her action by telling herself she only voted once for each office. The chances of getting caught would have seemed minuscule. She couldn't have imagined that anyone would ever bother to check.

(The 2000 Senate 33 race ended up not being as close as expected. Wilkening's campaign was damaged by hamhanded and misleading tactics by consultant Jim Burdge, known more recently for his involvement in the campaign to recall Jim Mautino and Chris Medlock. For example, an endorsement letter from Wilkening's boss, DA Tim Harris, was printed on something that looked like official letterhead from the DA's office.)

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susan said:

Republicans should be able to pass a new law that requires picture voter i.d.

During the next presidential election, maybe Quick Trip might be willing to donate some of those machines they clock in their employees with. Quick Trip is not the only place that feels the necessity to keep people from cheating (by mistake).

As in the Kathy case, the people working the voter sign-in desk that day never noticed as Cathy was signing her name, Catherine spelled with a "C" and the middle initial different?

I would be curious if Cathy does color her hair blonde when her last hair coloring appt. was.
Cathy just happens to have that color of blonde hair that Kathy has at their age?

And being an attorney, would it really take someone else needing to point out why Cathy could be "the one" voting Taylor of mystery.

Joel said:

HAHAHHA that HAS to be a man baby!

Dan Paden said:

At this point, I am convinced that the only thing that could make me more physically ill than Bill LaFortune's re-election would be the election of Kathy Taylor.

Aaaargh! Unfortunately, it seems entirely possible for Tulsa voters to get this one wrong.

Jan Thomas said:

Was "Cathy -C" questioned as to the exact place where she was when she signed the registration book? Was it at "Kathy-K's" precinct? I see nothing in this article that clears this up in a final matter. Didn't "Cathy-C" attorney wonder why the address by her name and the spelling didn't match? None of this has convinced me that there hasn't been voter fraud committed by "Kathy-K"!

Alice said:

Great work on this topic! Can you confirm which precinct Cathy (with a "C") was a voter in the 2000 election? If she was not in the same precint as Kathy (with a "K") then the other Cathy is a moot point.
Thanks for your feverish research!

Alice, Catherine Cain Taylor was registered and voted in precinct 74.

susan said:

I wonder what time Cathy voted in the 2000 presidential election. Did she call the officials at the election board from her cell phone -- then she would have a trace phone # of that call (if she did).

Voting in a presidential election there are long lines even first thing in the morning and even longer lines as the day goes on.

It's a little hard to believe Cathy would take off work as an attorney (unless she is like some attorneys in Tulsa that do less than exciting cases)-- and if she is a busy mom stand in more than one long voting line when she was having a hard time finding out which place she was supposed to vote.

Alice said:

Cathy voted in P74 and Kathy voted in P70. There is no way there was a mix up about which K(C)athy signed on which line. Each precinct only receives their own registered/eligible voting list.
I wish you much success in getting that point out to the media with ample coverage prior to the primary!
This stinks to high heaven and I refuse to believe the good voters of Tulsa will be fooled by this last minute "find" of another Cathy Taylor attorney with voting difficulty.

sbtulsa said:

as a resident of east tulsa, i keep hoping for some kind of economic developement. my home of 23 years is not rising in value despite all the work i've put in to it.

i look at k/Cathy Taylor and wonder what she would do for a lower middle class fellow like myself. i don;t see anything in her campaign statements or website that she acknowledges the existance of anyone outside her front door (exagerration here). at least medlock is closer to being a real average person, as opposed to a privileged martinson-ette.

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