Broward County homestead requirements

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The Broward County Property Appraiser's office provides a way to file for homestead exemption online. Here's the starting page (link will only work in Internet Explorer), which lists the residency qualifications for homestead exemption:

Welcome to the Broward County Property Appraiser's Online Homestead Application Service

You will need to gather the following information in order to complete this application. After you have assembled all of the needed documents, press the Proceed button below to continue. This Secure Server uses 128-bit encryption to maintain your privacy.

Here is what you will need to continue:

Click the checkbox to signify that you have, or will be getting copies of the following documents.

Florida Voter's Registration. If you are not registered to vote, you must have a Declaration of Domicile.

Florida Driver's Licenses for each owner. (If you do not have a driver's license you must have a State of Florida Identification card.)

Note 1: If you are not a United States Citizen, proof of resident immigrant status (such as a "Green Card") is required.

Note 2: If you own one or more automobiles, located in Florida, you must have a Florida vehicle registration for all automobiles.

Note 3: If you are married and the deed has different last names for husband and wife, a marriage license/certificate must be presented.

Note 4: A printer is required. You must print out the completed application, sign it and send it in, along with the required documents.

Verify that you have all the information and let's proceed to the Secure Data Entry System.

Press Proceed to continue.

Would this explain why someone would be so "crazy" as to vote in two states? Are there similar requirements in order to qualify as a Florida resident and avoid or reduce income taxes in other states?


Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

Looks like a hard mistake to make. I am surpised this story has fallen off the radar so quickly. It should be national news, in my opinion.

so you need to be registered to vote, and have a driver's license.

i was registered to vote and had a driver's license in OK and CA for 2+ years. big deal.

susan said:

Who would think we would have our finger print scanned when we get our driver's license? Because of different reasons, it has become necessary, and especially in our next presidential vote which will be here before we know it, it may be necessary to have the same type of scanner and accountability check system in place.

Kathy Taylor obviously hired a professional to do her television ads and ads during prime time t.v. is expensive.

Is it fair to the popular candidate Chris Medlock that has raised and spent so little on this campaign that he should be over-shadowed
by two democrats that spending habits that should make voters weary?
If they spend that
freely with their own money to promote themselves, what will they
do if they are elected as our next Mayor, or does it bother anyone with them being so rich they could easily be able to manipulate the press and many other people in "business".

Her donor list obviously was not from Oral Roberts faith seed givers which many of those giving believe a miracle
will happen if they give money.

JB said:

Jeff, you say you were registered and had drivers licenses in two states. Did you actually vote for President in both states? Did you claim homestead exemption in both states? Were you claiming residence in one state soley to avoid paying property taxes in the state in which you now wish to become an elected official? THAT, my friend, IS a big deal. One that merits investigation by our district attorney.

D.S. said:

JB, it was Carlos that made that statement.By the way Carlos also helped make Taylors webpage so take that as you want.

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:


I am a law biding citizen. I wake up early in the mornings on voting days and go to my assigned polling place. I take it very seriously. I remember when and who and or what I vote for. Doing things that are not in compliance with the law is very serious. That's why there are consequences to breaking laws. If you have no respect for the law, I wish you would keep your comments confined to a forum (not this one) where there can be an open dialouge. You and people like you make me mad.

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