Worst. Yardsign. Ever.

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From the "What were they thinking?" department:

This photo, by Steve Roemerman, doesn't quite capture the inept design of this yardsign, produced by the anonymous opponents of the zoning protest petition charter amendment, which won by a huge margin on Tuesday.

So what we have here is a sign the color of dormant Bermuda grass, planted on dormant Bermuda grass.

And white lettering on yellow? Did they intend for us to hold it over a candle so we could read it?

Then there was the message of the sign. If you could make out the words at 40 MPH, what you read was "VOTE NO ONE." Maybe we can recycle those signs for the mayoral general election, as it expresses my sentiments pretty well.

The sign designer might want to consult a sample ballot next time around. There wasn't a "Proposition One" on the ballot (just a single item labeled "Proposition"), and the choices were FOR or AGAINST, not YES or NO.


soandsosfrnd Author Profile Page said:

Was that a Burdge idea? Not too smart if you ask me. Also I never saw any of these until Monday and you are right in that you almost had to stop to your car to be able to read it.

Honestly "J" said:

I was rather disturbed to see these signs located too close to our poll watching place. After receiving permission from the election worker, I went and removed at least 6 of these signs. However, there were still several in the median. I did not cross the busy street to get to them, but I did notice when we returned at the 7 o'clock hour, someone else had removed them.

Can anyone verify the statute of the distance limit from a polling site for campaign signs?

Who's responsible for removing them if they are out of compliance with this statute?

Thank You!

Bobby Author Profile Page said:

Let them spend their money foolishly!

After the recent election, I think we can all see the value of hiring Jim Burdge as your hired gun.

I'm with you on your sentiments of "Vote No One!"

sbtulsa said:

take up a collection and pay jim burge to run kathy taylor and mayor missfortune's capmaigns at the same time. they could run on the platform "two dead heads are better than one".

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