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I'll be on 1170 KFAQ again with Michael DelGiorno between 6 and 7 in the morning, mainly to talk about the charter amendments (vote FOR all six!) and the Council races in Districts 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9.

Chris Medlock will be on 740 KRMG with Joe Kelley at 6:20 and possibly again at 6:50 to talk about the six charter amendments.

Earlier today, I was interviewed by KJRH's Jaclyn Allen about likely turnout tomorrow. Allen also spoke to TU professor Gary Allison. The story should be on their 10 p.m. newscast on channel 2 (cable channel 9).


Dan Hicks said:


In about an hour the polls open and I will cast my vote for Ben Faulk. Here are my predictions:

49% Kathy Taylor
43% LaFortune
6% Ben Faulk
2% Paul Tay

High voter turnout helps LaFortune but not enough to overcome his negatives. Independent candidates hold Taylor under 50% and take away her mandate.

Dan Hicks

So... you're going to vote for Faulk knowing that if every Faulk voter voted for LaFortune, Taylor would lose.

Joseph Wallis said:

I'm voting for Faulk because I believe he is the best man. The truely faithful believe in miracles.

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

by your own admission a vote for Faulk is a vote for Taylor and everything she stands for.. like a "fabulous arts community" which is what TulsaNow has been promoting... a gay district downtown

W. Author Profile Page said:

I crunched some of the voter numbers last night. If it's a close election, as I think it will be, you can probably blame Faulk if Taylor gets elected. He's probably going to pull 3-5 percent of the conservative vote away from the GOP candidate.

So if you conservatives essentially want to put a Democrat in the mayor's office, go right ahead and vote for Faulk.

My only wish is that Faulk *not* get elected. I read his platform online, and I found his quite a few of his stances either logistically impossible or poorly thought-out. He's ill-equipped to be a mayor.

Ditto for Tay -- for the same reasons.

susan said:

TU professor Gary Allison is the one that liberal Tulsa World editorial writer Ken Neal goes to for advise. I also think Gary Allison was against Dan Hicks creation display at the zoo. The liberals also talked Helmerich into changing his vote from yes to no to have the display at the zoo, and Ken Neal was also against Dan Hicks display at the Tulsa Zoo.

Kathy Taylor is a liberal -- according to U.S.Senator Inhofe. She is also not pro-life. A vote for Faulk is a vote for Kathy Tayor.
If Kathy wins, she will have a long list of lapping democrats lined up to get those well paid jobs she will "create" and Tulsa World newspaper writers will now only sing praises to her during her time in office. Tulsa World reporters will never talk poorly of her since they have supported her 100%. Tulsa World is bias and a liberal newspaper that supports the DEMOCRATS.

Bob said:

We'll know in a few minutes who's won the Municipal Election.

If Cathy Taylor wins, we can thank 3 people:

1. Jim Inhofe. He put Randi Miller in the race as a spoiler to keep reformer Chris Medlock from winning the GOP mayoral nomination. Little Jim's been a bag-man for the local power Oligarchy for the past 30 years. Why would he change now, in his sunset years? He hasn't.
It will serve him right if she comes around and kicks Little Jim's sorry rear all the way to his Grand Lake retirement home in the next Senatorial Race.

2. Randi Miller. For letting Jim Inhofe's surrogates, his Chief of Staff, former Medlock Campaign Manager & Current Benedict Arnold look-alike Ron Howell, and of course his holiness Richard Roberts, into deluding Randy Randi into thinking that she could win.

3. Bill LaFortune. When 57% of the GOP voters prefer anyone else in a GOP primary, you just know you're in trouble.

When you con the GOP base into believing that you're going to be a Reformer Mayor, then by golly you'd better at least TRY to be a reformer. Mayor MisFortunate's first big mistake was keeping a bunch of Susan Savage cronies as hold-overs in city offices, including City Attorney Martha Rupp Carter, who never missed a chance to stab the Mayor in the back.

Along with re-appointing to local boards, commissions and authorities suburbank developer/builder/realtor cronies who'd been previously appointed by Mayor Savage.

He gave a failing airline another $1.75 million using our tax money when Great Plains was in an uncontrollable financial tailspin. It crashed and burned in a few months later.

He only reluctantly went along with Sen. Inhofe's airport investigation initiative. Any reforms instituted there. More later, I'm sure.

He could have stomped on the Recall of Councilors Medlock and Mautino, if he'd had even 1 millimeter of backbone.

Any reforms proposed by the city council he's only VERY reluctantly been brought along, whining and bawling all the way.

He was FOR the addition of three At-Large City Councilors, until he saw the Tsunami of non-partisan grass-roots opposition to this monied-power-establishment power grab.

He's been a bad mayor.

Stick a fork in him. He's done.

And, say hello to Cathy Taylor:

Mayor Savage Clone, without the Nice Pill.

Mike said:

Tulsa has elected a largely unknown, ultra-wealthy elitist woman as its next mayor. She has not demonstrated that she understands much at all about how the city functions, so she will turn to those she surrounds herself with for advice. Congratulations to Kaiser, Lorton, Poe, and the balance of the GOB's on this purchased victory.

My heart grieves for the people in District 6 who understood what a wonderful representative they had in Jim Mautino. A slim majority in that district shot themselves in the foot tonight.

Kirby should and probably will demand a recall. It is likely automatic in a race that close. Even if Martinson holds on, the GOB favorites will still be in a minority on the council.

Tulsa, get ready for a mayor in a fortress, unapproachable for all but a privileged few, and in my opinion, Susan Savage on steroids. Senator Inhofe, buckle up. She'll likely be coming after you next. God bless us, and God help us.

sbtulsa said:

i am not at all impressed with taylor resume. she married her way in to the "CEO" role she is so proud of. she has less than one term in the "secy of commerce" job she claims. what does she know about coalition building with people who don't like her? what does she know about concessions and negotiating?

i am not so much down on her because boeing hoodwinked us as i am because she had no other economic developement successes on her resume. her husbands car erntal bunch does not count.

also, how much time will she spend in tulsa as opposed to florida during her only term as mayor? that would say volumes to me if she commutes.

by the way, note to senator inhofe. thanks. lafortune may have lost the election on his preformance but we don't need you picking our mayor. sullivan either. just send us government money and but out of the rest of tulsa's life.

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