Lobeck v. Parrish, et al.

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Bill Lobeck, Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor's husband, filed suit on April 26 against Lori Parrish, the Broward County, Florida, Property Appraiser; Judith M. Fink, Broward County Tax Collector; and James Zingale, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Revenue.

The lawsuit seeks to recover the $133,826.93 that Lobeck paid in February when the Broward County Property Appraiser sent him a letter stating that he was not entitled to a homestead exemption for his Fort Lauderdale, Florida, waterfront home because he had such an exemption on his home in Tulsa. Lobeck claims that the Florida house was his permanent residence, and that he was entitled to a homestead exemption.

Below are PDFs of Lobeck's suit and the answer from defendant Lori Parrish.

Lobeck's complaint (300 KB PDF file).

Response by Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parrish (500 KB PDF file).


Bobby Author Profile Page said:

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the courts and the repercussions, if any, this will have on Mayor Taylor.

I wonder were you sign up for the the class that teaches all these characters how to skate the razor fine line between illegal and unethical "wheeling and dealing"

Unfortunately money talks loudly in our "justice as a commodity" system. Leverage that with a few calls to recipients of campaign contributions... all in the name of "access at the table," and I think he has a pretty good chance at getting some money back from Florida.

Just my skewed take on all of this....!

Bob said:

Mr. Lobeck I presume is primarily motivated by one key benefit to Florida residency:


As a very high income individual, he literally saves hundreds of thousands if not millions in State Income Tax every year by being a Florida Resident.

And, the weather and scenary in Ft. Lauderdale aren't too shabby, either.

It would be interesting to know when Kathy Taylor became an Oklahoma resident again.

--Did she file married filing separate State of Oklahoma tax returns?

--Did she even file an Oklahoma Income Tax Return?

__She claimed a homestead exemption in Oklahoma, so she must have been an Oklahoma resident, right?

--Or, was she really a Florida resident?

That might be some additional evidence to get to the bottom of her alleged double-voting scandal, which she just brazened out in the best tradition of a Hillary Clinton clone.

David said:

Should Tulsa County send the Lobeck/Taylor crew a bill for their improper use of the OK homestead exemption due the fact that he is claiming FL exemption?

Could we get $33 million out of that to pay for the overage at BOK Center?

Paul Tay said:

You go, Bill. Standing up for what's right.

sbtulsa said:

i don't so much care about their tax situation as i do about theirattitude towards tulsa. they do not seem to look at themselves as exclusively tulsans. as such they will not sacrifice for tulsa.

what does all that mean? when it comes to making a tough decision that might cost political capital because it is in the best interests of the city, taylor will opt for whatever is in her best interests short term. tulsa will suffer. bill lobeck did not campaign as a tulsan. his pseudo wife did. at this point, she is looking like a carpetbagger.

Marty said:

Well I guess he has to pay for his 190k Bently that he pulled up to at work in this week...no really its a full bently tricked out..somone should go out to Cherokee and take a pic..its splended lol...well also on a side note that is the car he drives when he is not driving his 90k porsche cha cha cha...so im sure he needs to fill up the tank in one of them...

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