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The Oklahoma Republican Assembly, affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, held an endorsing convention last Saturday at the State Capitol. Here is a link to the list of OKRA's 2006 nominees.

Notable endorsements in contested Republican primaries: John Sullivan for re-election in the 1st Congressional District, Kevin Calvey for the 5th Congressional District seat, Bob Sullivan for Governor, Scott Pruitt for Lt. Governor, Dan Keating for Treasurer, Tahl Willard for Insurance Commissioner, Joe Lester in Senate 36, Chris Medlock in House 69, Tim Harris for Tulsa DA, Brian Kuester for DA of Wagoner, Cherokee, Sequoyah, and Adair Counties, Anna Falling for County Commission District 1, and Fred Perry for County Commission District 3.

They also made endorsements in District Court races. In District 14 (Tulsa and Pawnee Counties), they endorsed Tom Thornbrugh for re-election to office 8, Dierdre Dexter for office 10 (held by Gregory Frizzell, who has been nominated to the Federal bench), Jonathan Sutton to office 13, and Dana Kuehn for Tulsa County Associate District Judge.

I was told by someone who participated in the convention that Instant Runoff Voting was used in the process. Local Republicans started using that method for the selection of national convention delegates and alternates at the 1st District Republican Convention in 2000 and again in 2004; it's nice to see the practice spread.


Twatch said:

Dana Kuehn likely was a misinformed endorsement.
Go to the following link to see her supporters;
among them Brad Carson. http://www.danaforjudge.com/supporter.aspx

tim harris said:

I hope to get you the "truth" about our strong and fair prosecution of crime in Tulsa County over the last 8 years. My opponent is telling half truths, or outright misstatements of the facts. Thank you and God bless

Diane Howe said:

Dana Kuehn's use of the area police department's endorsements is scary. Our system has checks and balances...not rubber stamps. How can she claim to be "fair" if she is in lockstep with the police and district attorney. That is injustice....not justice

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