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We had dinner tonight at The Flying Roll restaurant near 51st and Memorial. We were driving past it on our way to a restaurant further south when I thought of it and remembered that the almost-10-year-old had been wanting to eat there.

Everyone enjoyed the food, the kids especially. You get all you care to eat of the side items -- green salad, mashed potatoes and cream gravy, green beans, creamed corn. It's all served family style. The main dish is the only thing that isn't served family style -- everyone picks their own from a list of eight or nine. We had catfish, smoked chicken, pot roast, and chicken tenders. During the meal they also brought by some fried okra and blackeyed peas.

As parents, we always appreciate it when our kids don't have to wait too long for their food. It reduces the chance that they'll fill up on crackers or milk and won't have any appetite left when their meal arrives. At The Flying Roll, they brought out a bowl of salad within a couple of minutes of our being seated; we started eating before we placed our orders.

The gimmick of the place is that they bring hot rolls fresh from the oven and toss them to the diners. The almost-10-year-old loved this concept; he was our designated roll fielder.

We brought some baby food with us, but it wasn't enough to keep the little one happy, so I gave him some of the mashed potatoes. He didn't love them, but he did eat them, and they stayed eaten. So he has now eaten his first non-baby-food.


W. Author Profile Page said:

Just curious ... have you ever been to Lambert's in Sikeston, Mo., Michael? That's undoubtedly where the Flying Roll got its idea.

Dan Paden said:

Starting with the last kid, we didn't buy a whole lot of baby food. With a blender and a wee bit o' water, the kiddo can eat what you eat.

Paul Tay said:

Could also be a great gimmick for the NeighborFests too. Of course, I'd probably aim for the double voting rich chick when she ain't lookin' while standing next Eagleton when he ain't lookin'. Sneak away before anyone figures it out.

Lambert's is also in Springfield. I spoke with the roll-thrower and he said that in an 8 hour shift he can go through (threw) 100 dozen rolls. Also, to qualify for the job you have to be able to hit a target 25 out of 25 times at different distances.

Our roll-thrower was a former minor-league pitcher

I am here checking out your blog, courtesy of Chuck's pimping in his blog. The moment I read that you two were poles apart politically, I knew I had to visit you! (Why? Because sweet Chuck and I are also opposites...and because he spoke so highly of you.)

LOVE the roll flinging at that restaurant. I'd have had a blast catching them!

Like it or not, I will be returning to read more!


We tried once to eat at the Lambert's in Nixa (south of Springfield on US 65), but it was late, we were all hungry, and the line was out the door. Lambert's is the first "throwed rolls" restaurant I've ever heard of.

I wonder if Springfield's minor league team ever scouts Lambert's for pitchers.

Welcome, Nikki! Although Chuck and I are political opposites, in a lot of ways we're like two peas in a pod. He is a wonderful friend and brother. I was very touched by the kind words he wrote about me.

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