It's not God's party

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The terrorist organization that has been in the news for its attacks on Israeli civilians and for using Lebanese civilians as human shields is called Hezbollah, sometimes spelled Hizballah, sometimes there's an apostrophe -- Hizb'allah. It's Arabic for "Party of God."

My friend Redsneakz has decided that Hizb'shaitan is a more accurate title. (You can decode that, can't you?) I agree and intend to follow his example.

Although, given their devotion of sacrificing their own children and the children of others in the name of their false god, Hezb'moloch would be appropriate, too.


S. Lee said:

I had to look up Shaitan (Satan). I didn't know if this was a real word or an invented permutation of an older pronunciation (when one uses Latin-ish rules) for an alternate term for excrement ... which I suppose would still be appropriate. I think George Bush even said so, sort of.

Redsneakz said:

Shaitan is the Arabic word for Satan. "Satan" actually means "Adversary" in Hebrew, with the prince of the demons aspect coming into Christianity as borrowed bits from Zoroastrianism.

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