Shocking revelation about Fred Perry!

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Fred Perry's opponent in the District 3 County Commission race, Bill Christiansen, levied the following devastating accusation against Perry, and it is undeniably true:

"I think Fred goes down and gets in line with the Republicans and votes the way the Republicans want him to vote."

Someone needs to tell Bill that this accusation works much better at winning a Democratic runoff.


Twatch said:

Just as I thought, Bill Christiansen is a member of the stealth Elitist Party made up of those "special" people from both Parties. The Elitist Party has been trying break into the power structure set out by our Founders since the beginning; Power flows from God to the People to the Government. I don't see the Elitist Party given special standing in that arrangement; they're just lumped in with the common folk. I suppose they think we should all understand how "special" they are and kiss their ring.
Imagine a Representative voting based on the principle of "Good Government" and not on the "Art of the Deal"------Darn.

susan said:

As for "art" how many millions will they be spending in "art" budget for the new Arena?

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