Taylor joins the Coalition of Gun-Grabbing Mayors

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Lest you think Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor's attendance at a New York City conference of pro-gun-control mayors was an aberration, the McCarville Report finds a news story that puts Taylor at yet another meeting of the group, this time in Chicago, and now the group has a name:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Milwaukee Mayor Thomas Barrett had harsh words Wednesday for the Bush administration and the gun lobby's influence on Congress.

"When Washington makes bad decisions to protect criminals rather than the public, we suffer the consequences," Bloomberg said at a news conference outlining the agenda for Thursday's Midwestern summit of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group Bloomberg founded with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino....

Daley, Bloomberg, and Barrett - accompanied by counterparts from a number of smaller cities - all complained that inaction by the federal executive branch and the influence of the gun lobby, particularly the National Rifle Association, on Congress have left local officials to combat the problem of illegal weapons....

The mayors - including Tulsa, Okla. Mayor Kathy Taylor and Rockford, Ill. Mayor Lawrence Morrisey - spoke at Chicago Police Headquarters from behind a table loaded with illegal firearms seized by police in recent months. Most were rapid-fire automatic pistols, but there also were automatic shotguns, military-style assault rifles and even a Prohibition-style Thompson submachine gun.

The Midwestern mayors were to meet in an all-day conference Thursday to discuss legal and technological strategies. Bloomberg said Menino would hold a similar conference in Boston Nov. 9 and Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin would hold one in her city Nov. 30.

The NRA's response is that the laws are there, ready to be enforced if these mayors will only apply the necessary resources. These are illegal weapons, and added burdens on law-abiding gun owners isn't going to stop criminals who are already violating the law. Taylor is allying herself with mayors who have sought to use lawsuits to put gun and ammunition manufacturers out of business. That's like suing the head of Black and Decker for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

McCarville notes that Taylor's involvement in this group hasn't received much attention in the local media. Whatever your opinions on gun laws, surely everyone can agree that we ought to know what alliances and causes she is joining in her official capacity, in the name of the City of Tulsa. And the City Council ought to ask her to come before them to explain her involvement.

I wonder: If Taylor's leanings on this issue had been known, would it have cost her the election?

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W. Author Profile Page said:

No, it wouldn't have cost her the election. Bill LaFortune stunk up the joint so much that Tulsa voters wouldn't have stomached another term from him.

Besides, with the city's homicide rate being so high at the time, the perception of gun control, real or not, probably would have actually *helped* her.

Paul Tay said:

Yep. Agree with W. The Tulsa that elected her is probably more pro g-control than the rest of redneck Oklahoma.

After thinking long and hard about the Second Amendment, I am definately with the NRA on this one, as much as I hate to admit it publically, and with a MAJOR love/hate relationship with what I consider a special interest mafia group masquerading as benign defender of the Constitution.

G-control does NOTHING to keep illegal weapons away from the bad guys. It only makes it harder for law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves against over-bearing governments gone WILD.

If I really need an AK, a 16, maybe even a case of C4, I know exactly where to go, the underground market dealing in military contraband. A LOT, a WHOLE lot, of brand spanking new military hardware leave inventory via the crooked logistics officers and supply non-coms.

Jails ARE really higher educational institutions for criminals. Learned alot in my 62 day stint in the OKC clink.

Dan Paden said:

Personally, I think that if it were widely known and thoroughly appreciated that Mayor Taylor has anti-gun leanings, it would result in her being run out of town on a rail. I think that she knows that, too--or she would have made it a campaign issue, and would even now be talking it up, instead of not drawing any attention to her involvement with the group in question.

This is still Tulsa, Oklahoma--where even a lot of the Democrats are old-style Democrats who would as soon shoot you as give up their guns or accept further restrictions on ownership.

Twatch said:

The Leftist/Socialist strategy to "RID" the USA of illegal guns (any gun not sanctioned for Governmental purposes) has been defeated over and over again in Congress and many times at U.N. ambush conferences, so they are going to attack our rights at the local level. They are encouraged to do so because the distracted disengaged Public has already swallowed so much of their ideology through local government action. Citizens please snap out of your self indulgent stupor and preserve what remains of our Founding Principles.

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

For those that dont understand, all the weapons listed are fully automatic weapons and have been illegal since 1934, thanks to The National Firearms Act. So the law is there, they arent enforcing it. The question should be, Why?

Bob said:

I agree with the foregoing comments, especially Dan Paden's observations.

Kathy Taylor benefitted primarily from the "Anyone but Bill LaFortune" vote.

However, I think this endorsement of an anti-2nd Amendment agenda will be one of her few political mistakes made since she became mayor.

There are just many, many hunting and sports shooting enthusiasts in Tulsa.

Just look at the frequency of the local Gun Shows held it seems like every month at the Expo Square main building.

I'm surprised that Vice Mayor Tom Baker let her blunder into this one.

She's probably just trying to network her Mayoral contacts looking ahead to the U.S. Senate seat race in 2008. Inhofe will be a senior Senior senator at that point in time.

I hate to be cliche...
They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

I'm disappointed that Mayor Taylor, in all her high-society glory, would attend such a conference/meeting of wannabe protectors of America.

We don't need any leaders, mayors or otherwise, to protect us from guns. We law-abiding citizens can take care of that ourselves, thank you very much.

S. Lee said:

An interesting parallel (to me, anyway) that I think shows the ridiculousness of these kinds of laws are the local laws that are suppose to fix stray dog problems by punishing law-abiding dog owners. It never occurs to the proposers and passers of such laws that the people who don't follow existing dog laws won't follow the additional dog laws. And the dogs -- whether spayed, neutered, or not -- owned by people who were already following existing laws contribute in no way to the numbers of strays. Even though this is obvious common sense (except to the occasional idiot who gets elected to city government), one sees a never ending string of attempts to address problems by passing more laws.

On the topic of violent crime in general, I think we would see much better results by renewed efforts at early childhood education and intervention -- one area where Pubbies seem to be very weak; not that I am advocating Democrat control; just citing something I think should be fixed and would probably address the problem a lot better than a bunch of gun laws. Besides, the last thing we need as a new round of "interpretation" of the Constitution. One gets the impression the old amendment process is dead (When was the last amendment passed?), and the new process is to stack the courts with enough of your people to get a new "interpretation."

Second Amendment said:

We are vulnerable to attack by foreign enemies that can cause us great harm.

If that happened in this area, and our infrastructure was somehow shut down, food couldn't be delivered, and Taylor needed food to stay alive, I wouldn't loan her my guns, nor would I share my venison with her.

Survival of the fittest is the one with the gun.

Paul Tay said:

I am taking campaign contributions for my 2010 campaign. NRA, you reading?

Voice over: Over the Halloween holiday of 2006, six months into office, Mommy Warbucks joined forces with a mafia of Mayors who want to deprive you of your Second Amendment rights.

Fade up: Picture of MW, Bloomie, and mafia Mayors.

Voice over: Take it from a CONVICTED FELON, gun control does NOTHING to keep illegal weapons from bad guys. It only makes it harder for law-abiding citizens like you from protecting yourselves from overbearing governments who insist on depriving you of YOUR First Amendment rights.

Cut to: My DOC mugshot.

Voice over: I'm Paul Tay, CONVICTED FELON, and Independent for Mayor. And, I approved this message.

Paul Tay said:

Baker allowing MW to blunder into this one? Ya bet yer FAT ass!

TRL said:

Our cars have been broken into twice now in the last couple of years. A gun saved us from being robbed yet a third time - why? Because I flashed a weapon at the thieves who took off running. Had I not had that weapon, I believe they would have attempted to take me on and I may well have been the next murder statistic.

They were talking in Spanish when I snuck up on them. Next time, I just might have to pull the trigger.

We live off 111 and Sheridan. Beware homeowners in that area. Smash and grabs are all too common. We all have heard about what is happening at LaFortune parking lots. Those criminals are moving into the neighborhoods now because they know LaFortune is being cased more.

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