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In the comments to a post about yet another Republican congressman in hot water:

And yet you continue to blindly support this party, regardless of the number of times that items like this surface.

Borderline brainwashed. Facts don't matter anymore...
Posted by: New York Hotlist at October 5, 2006 03:47 PM

Ok, I'll go slow for you: I'M A CONSERVATIVE. The Republican party best represents my interests. There is NO WAY that the Democrats can represent me better. NONE.

What part do you need me to explain again? And, seriously, I'd cut the brainwashed crap out right now. Previous idiots who made similar comments were made to feel very, very small.
Posted by: Karol at October 5, 2006 03:52 PM

Am I proud that Mark Foley and Don Sherwood are Republicans? No. Do I have questions about the way the House leadership handled the Foley case? Yes. But in the battle for control of the Congress (and the State Legislature here in Oklahoma), it matters which party wins, which party controls the committee chairmanships.

Although we have Republican majorities in both houses of Congress and in the Oklahoma State House, we don't have a conservative majority in any of those bodies yet. That means that some conservative ideas don't get as far as they ought to. But if the Ds are in charge, conservative ideas won't even get a hearing. (Neither will conservative judicial nominees.)

Although passage of Sen. Tom Coburn's anti-pork Federal Spending Database bill had bipartisan support, it wouldn't have gotten off the ground if it weren't for the fact that Coburn holds a subcommittee chairmanship. Even in the Senate (much more in the House), a freshman member in the minority party isn't going to wield much influence. Keeping the Republicans in control gives solid conservatives a chance at making a difference on our behalf.

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Karol said:

It's been driving me crazy. Republicans aren't being conservative so I should...vote for the liberal? And if I don't, I'm brainwashed?

"Keeping the Republicans in control gives solid conservatives a chance at making a difference on our behalf."


Dan Paden said:

Bingo, Suh, Bingo, Ah say!

Twatch said:

Typical Leftist reasoning; find something you don't like, join up with those who tolerate it.

S. Lee said:

What should be pointed out to those who think it's brainwashed religious fanatics that keep "Pubbies" (my late -- and devout Democrat -- Uncle's word) in power; deserving much of the credit are the liberal elitists who have so hosed up the Democrat party that they fail to win elections. If Democrats want to cuss somebody out, cuss out the liberal elitists and extremists.

It should be pointed out that the libertarian-leaning population tend to give preference to the Pubbies. It isn't just social conservatives.

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