Last minute election notes

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I will add to this as developments warrant.

Steve Roemerman has an item about a last-minute, anonymous, and badly produced flyer denouncing HD 23 candidate Steve Gallo, which is being put into mailboxes. A response call from Steve Gallo went out later the same day. The incumbent, Sue Tibbs, knows better and has no reason to do it, as she is expected to win and has plenty of campaign money to put out quality print pieces. There are two theories about the flyer: (1) Gallo put it out himself to garner sympathy and allow him to tar Tibbs as a practitioner of dirty campaigning; (2) someone who supported Gallo's opponent in the bitterly fought Democratic primary put out the flyer hoping to harm Gallo's chances.

Fred Jordan, Republican nominee for House District 69, will go to the Capitol a free man. His wife Kyndra Brooke Littrell Jordan filed for divorce in September, shortly after Jordan won the Republican runoff, and the divorce was final in late October. The filing was done in a way to make it had to tell that the candidate was involved. Jordan's website still refers to him as married and features his wedding photo and other photos with his now-ex-wife. The speed and timing of the divorce makes one wonder if this had been in the works for some time, with an agreement to wait until after Jordan's election was secure before making it official.

UPDATE: 2:18 PM. Some Democrats sure don't like Cody Graves. Or Jeff McMahan.

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Paul Tay said:

If the man still has his wedding photos for all the world to see, especially in dress blues, it's really really PATHETIC.

pinky said:

geez, these politicians behave like a buncha high school kids running for student council - actually - i take that back - the high school kids would be more well behaved.

this is precisely why voter turnout in america is so low.

i vote my conscious. and if my conscious isn't satisfied, i don't vote. period.

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