Mysterious Mary Easley

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Mike McCarville has discovered something interesting about State Sen. Mary Easley from an amendment to her mileage reimbursement claims:

Tuesday's Senate Journal lists mileage reimbursement for Easley and it shows "Tulsa 230 (miles)" and "$111.55" reimbursement. The "230" and "$111.55" are marked out, however, and replaced with "336" (miles) and "$162.96."

McCarville points out that 230 miles is the right distance for a round trip from the Capitol to Owasso -- where the phone book lists her as living, even though it's in Randy Brogdon's district -- but too far for the round trip between the Capitol and east Tulsa, where Easley was registered to vote last summer. 336 is what Google Maps gives for a round trip between the State Capitol and Grand Lake Towne, where Easley and her husband Truman registered to vote on October 2. (Records show that neither of them actually voted in that precinct, 490031. They are no longer registered to vote in Tulsa County, so it's not clear where they voted. I can't imagine that they wouldn't vote when her name was on the ballot.)

I doubt she changed the mileage for the sake of $50, but she might have changed it in order to keep her stories straight.

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Paul Tay said:

S H U D D U P, Bates! I'm like THIS close to changing my voter registration to a Red Fork residence, just to go up against Missy Mensch for Commish Two.

With all that crap about some high-brow, ELITIST River Authority for the Maple Ridge crowd on TOP of Hell's Bells, she's really BUCKING for retirement roast like the big Dick shindig, featuring Will Bill MisFortune and his three-piece, two-bit show band, The Sid Patterson Players.

Hey, Missy, how's yer JOCK itch from waddlin' in the River for the t-whrl'd mugshot? Well, QUIT scratchin', FERCHRISTSAKES.

XonOFF said:

I'm getting kind of tired of constituants consistantly being treated like flies at a picnic.

G Webster Wormleigh said:

Advice for Paul.....go for it! And I can certify that 99 plus percent of Maple Ridgers are opposed to this Channels thang, which is Dead In The Water, if you know what I mean. So, after forty years in Maple Ridge, I don't like to be associated with these newcomers.......

Paul Tay said:

Perhaps those 99% of the Maple Ridgers powwow and do Friends of the River, to head off all this crap about sum STUPID River Authority.

If t-whrl'd has to trot out Bobby Lorton THE third for the ONLY supportive quote in their crappy-ass paper, you KNOW Missy Mensch is in BIG doo-doo and DEAD in the water, with a bad case of JOCK itch.

Come on, people. Friends of the River to put Missy out of her MISERY and into HAPPY retirement. Kinda like Friends of the Zoo, without the heavy-handed messianic COMPLEX.

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