Will the new hospital have a waaaah-mbulance entrance?

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This is just nuts. Saint Francis Health System has decided to close its hospital near 101st Street and 161st East Ave (New Orleans and Elm) in Broken Arrow and move those operations to the Saint Francis Heart Hospital at 91st & Garnett, just west of the Tulsa - Broken Arrow boundary.

Now Tom Neff, strategic planner for St. Francis Health System, is saying that the cities of Tulsa and Broken Arrow are negotiating to swap land so that the St. Francis Heart Hospital would be transferred to the jurisdiction of the City of Broken Arrow, in exchange for some other land.

I guess the point is that this would let Broken Arrow claim that it still has its own hospital, even though the actual location of the hospital wouldn't be any different. And since Owasso is getting two hospitals, Broken Arrow might feel left out if it hadn't any.

Tulsa has already conceded land to Broken Arrow in recent years, giving 480 acres northeast of 51st and 145th East Ave. so that the entire Battle Creek development could be within the City of Broken Arrow. That was a very valuable concession -- Tulsa gave up a big chunk of its land which lies within the Broken Arrow school district, which is more valuable for residential development than land within the Tulsa school district.

The City of Tulsa can't afford to give up any of its territory to booming suburbs. We annexed this land 40 years ago to make sure Tulsa wouldn't wind up like landlocked inner cities in the midwest and northeast.

Here's an idea: Instead of saying, "Broken Arrow has one hospital," the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce could say there are two excellent hospitals (Saint Francis and SouthCrest) within a few miles of Main Street. After all, suburban officials are fond of telling us (when it suits them) that we're all one big happy metro area.

Retailers have been relocating from the core city to the suburbs for business reasons. Now an institution is relocating from a suburb to the core city for business reasons, strategically located to serve Broken Arrow, Bixby, and southeast Tulsa. The City of Tulsa needs to tell the City of Broken Arrow, firmly but gently, to live with that reality.

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Joseph Wallis said:

It's pretty simple. Tulsa should tell BA they will only swap for one parcel. The parcel Bass Pro sits on. That should end the discussion pretty quick.

I've been hearing people say Tulsa will pay back BA for giving Tulsa the glass plant. I wasn't aware that cities had any obligations to "pay each other back".

Any previous deals are water under the bridge. BA needs to get over all this and concentrate on getting a hospital on the SE side of town.

Bob said:

The War of the Tulsa Hospitals continues, with St. Francis Hospital launching Operation Frühlingserwachen (Spring Awakening) last month, in their strategic Southern offensive to outflank their arch-enemy Hillcrest/Southcrest.

A few years ago, Hillcrest launched their very own strategic outflanking maneuver when they proposed building Southcrest at 91st and Mingo.

Remember the subsequent counter-attack by St. Francis, battling via Hillcrest's proxy the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Oklahoma over doctor EXCLUSIVITY.

St. Francis tried unsuccessfully then to cut-off Southcrest's supply of doctors and put rival Southcrest out of business, with the Blue Cross subscribers mere collateral damage in the Cross-Fire??


In the eventual temporary Cease-Fire Agreement signed by the hospitals, the St. Francis chief administrator was sent to the Chopping Block as partial compensation.


Now, St. Francis is launching their own new Spring offensive to strategically outflank Hillcrest/Southcrest in the battle for south Tulsa patients/doctors.

The brutal War of the Tulsa hospitals grinds relentlessly on.....

'Kris' said:

I think it's very important for the citizens of Oklahoma to be knowledgeable of the healthcare crisis in this State in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. Check out the following information:

[PDF] Audit of Observation Service Billings by Prospective Payment ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
State Medicaid fraud control units, which investigate and prosecute fraud and ... services billed by St. Francis Hospital (Hospital) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


[PDF] United States Senate Committee on FinanceFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML(12) Saint Francis Heart (Tulsa) - Tulsa, OK ... "Medicaid Fraud, Waste and Abuse: Threatening the Healthcare Safety Net"


See How Your Hospital Compares nationwide:


Patient Dumping?:


'kris' said:

Oklahoma gets a "D" grade. Frightening indeed.


Patient Advocate said:

We are still suffering from hospital induced PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after being incarcerated in (what we used to refer to as "St. Frightening" hospital) for way too long. The patient endured pin cushion torturous unecessary medical care that was "overkill" (no pun intended).

We read about "patient dumping" due to lack of insurance but then when you have 100% medical insurance coverage you become the pin cushion to make up for the uninsureds and often ILLEGAL uninsureds sucking the system dry.

All any patient wants are sanitary hospitals, competent staff, and doctors who practice their Hippocratic Oath with compassion and honesty rather than hypocrisy.

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