BOk Center bites budget

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This week's UTW column topic: The Mayor's proposed FY 2008 budget has been released, and it includes some unpleasant surprises. As the old arena is converted to ballroom space and the new arena isn't open yet, convention and arena revenues will vanish for the year, while start-up administrative costs appear with a vengeance. The net result: A $1.7 million hole in the General Fund, which the Mayor proposes to plug by shutting down 27 holes of golf and cutting a police academy, resulting in a net loss of officers. (The suggestion that golf savings will be funding northside pools is a smokescreen. The Mayor didn't actually say that that would happen, and in fact one fewer pool will be open this year than last.)

There was a typo -- my fault -- in the section of the column about the pools. Last year nine pools were open -- four funded by the city and five by private sponsorships, not four.

Also this week, a few thoughts on the result of Oklahoma's vote for a state quarter design. How did we miss out on an American Indian theme?

One of the images I suggest might have been a better choice is Willard Stone's sculpture "Exodus". Follow that link to see a picture of it.

Elsewhere in the current issue, Brian Ervin has a story on the problem of sinkholes caused not by geology but by aging underground sewer and stormwater pipes. (Take a look at the downtown stormwater management master plan -- it's in the government documents section at Central Library -- and note the section on "subsurface voids." That's where there's a gap between the relatively thin layer of concrete and asphalt and the solid ground beneath.)

The second installment to UTW's guide to summer events and activities is in this week's issue. Here's a link to the first installment.

Also, nominations are in order for Urban Tulsa Weekly's Absolute Best of Tulsa awards. Click the link to enter your choices online, or pull a ballot out of a paper copy and mail it in.

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Bob said:

For the proposed City Budget, how can any reliable estimate of the new $3.64 per month EMSA charge added to July's City Residential Water bills be accurately estimated for the City's next Fiscal Year?

For those uninterested in paying this new FEE, they purportedly can OPT-OUT from the Fee ONLY beginning the month of June. ONLY IN JUNE.

Is EMSA and the City Utilities Department prepared to process 10,000's of "Declarations of Non-Participation" forms during the 30-day window allowed for anyone choosing to Opt-Out?

Are they REALLY going to process these thousans of Opt-Out forms, or instead really plan to just AUTOMATICALLY add the $3.64 to everyone's monthly utility bill, then when the customer discovers the charge in their next water bill, EMSA and the City Utility Dept. will just say:

"We never received your Opt-Out Form"???

Then, Tulsans are stuck with the new charge until the next "Open-Season", before they'll be able to bail out of the EMSA Emergency Transport coverage:

12 months x $3.64.

We'll soon see........

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