Can someone please explain...

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... why someone who represents a district of roughly 35,000 people needs to raise a quarter of a million dollars to run for re-election? And why he needs to spend $20,000 a month in an off-year?

House Speaker Lance Cargill, raised almost $250,000 in the first six months of 2007, including more than $190,000 from April 1 through June 30, according to state Ethics Commission reports. Cargill's campaign fund spent more than $120,000 during the first half of 2007.

MORE: Maybe this is a clue?

Oklahoma House Speaker Republican Lance Cargill, the founder of a group known as The 100 Ideas Initiative, has invited Poole to give a June 13 luncheon speech at Spirit Bank in Tulsa.

Oklahoma activists opposed to the construction of NAFTA superhighway toll roads have objected that bringing a "heavy hitter" like Poole to Oklahoma signals that state politicians are already lining up with investment bankers in a PPP plan designed to bring the Texas Department of Transportation's Trans-Texas Corridor into their state.

Poole's luncheon speech will be introduced by opening remarks from Cargill.

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He has a very expensive cocaine habit?

Bob said:

He collected so much to probably to donate to other political campaings and political causes, hoping to influence events and win political favors.

RecycleMichael said:

The word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly', meaning 'many', and the word 'ticks', meaning 'blood sucking parasites'.

slaw said:

Who are the fools that gave it to him and WHAT DO THEY WANT???

sbtulsa said:

personally, I think Cargill is saving up to start a harem in Russia.

susan said:

As Speaker of the House, Lance is probably using that money for his future of running for higher Republican political offices that pay a lot more money.

For 100 ideas for Oklahoma, I think he should shut down the very expensive OSSM public high school located in Oklahoma City where they are hand picked. It must cost the taxpayers of Oklahoma millions of dollars to keep up the cost of allowing this public 11th and 12th grade boarding school. From the 72 original students, only 53 could "cut the mustard" and graduate. How many high schools in Oklahoma have their economic budget with some class sizes as low
as 2 high school students per one professor/teacher while many of the high school students in the State of Oklahoma suffer
from overcrowded classes where teachers are forced to put up with far less educational assistance for their classrooms. We had a financial crises not long ago where high schools had to do without proper staff, cut teachers because they did not have enough money in their budget. OSSM students during all those financial crisis of high schools in Oklahoma get free room and board, tuition from August through May -- their parents have someone else raising their children all that time because the state does not make the 11th and 12th graders go home on the weekends either.
Normal high school students throughout the entire state of Oklahoma that are gifted and advanced in learning can go on enroll in their local community colleges and start their college life early. Just like others that pass the academic requirements and ACT requirement, they should be al treated the same.
Lance should pass a new law -- let the OSSM be considered "private boarding school" and charge those priviledge hand picked students thousands of dollars every year with the same cost as a private university with those same luxuries in education.

slaw said:

OSSM - recognized as one of "America's Best Schools". Recognized as one of the most rigorous academic programs of its kind in the NATION. Over 9,000 Oklahoma teachers have taken advantage of workshops and seminars provided by OSSM faculty. Appointments to the military service academies from OSSM students. Has had the highest average ACT composite score in the NATION. 75 of 77 counties in OK have had students at OSSM. 60% of OSSM grads stay in OK. Science and Math - what Oklahoma NEEDS!! Money well spent across the state.

susan said:

Appointments to the military service academies happen from "public" high schools across Oklahoma without having the taxpayers of Oklahoma fund free room, board and tuition for the Oklahoma City OSSM students. Students in "public" high schools in Oklahoma also have made a "perfect" ACT score without attending OSSM.

This is not money well spent at all.

slaw said:

Then you should object to our tax dollars, at the rate of nearly a half million dollars per cadet, to attend West Point for four years or any of the other service academies. And we are all paying for students to attend these academies and giving them "free room, board and tuition". There are over 4,000 cadets just at West Point each year.

susan said:

I am objecting to the Oklahoma Senate and Oklahoma Legislature agreeing to spending our tax dollars at OSSM as a "public" high school. It should be considered a "private" school and the parents that have students attending OSSM should pay for their 11th and 12th grade kids boarding school.

Parents at Holland Hall pay, parents at Casia Hall pay -- take the price of those two college prep. schools and add room and board, 9 months of weekend babysitting and OSSM parents should pay that amount.

My husband is academically gifted and college/university classes were part of his high school. My children have also taken part in college classes while also attending their high school.

My husband with all of his many honors, medals and commendations won a nomination to one of the prestigious military academies.

Military academies graduate officers that serve our country.

susan said:

The State Ethics Commission should have accountability showing detailed reports how our Oklahoma state capitol Republican and Democrat politicians campaign money is spent throughout the year, who gave to their campaign, who gave to their campaigns and if politicians use their campaign money for personal use.

susan said:

My family lived across from a democrat that was running for Governor. It was extremely obvious that the democrat's campaign money was also used for personal needs and as it looked like this candidate was going to win they got more and more "perks" -- suddenly made it possible for their house to be completely remodeled with new furniture, new cars, etc.

I think if the Ethics political review boards looked closely, this was just one case of many that used campaign money for personal use, and how they got politicians creatively use their campaign money and the favors that were given back.

I am not talking about democrat Roger Randal that now works at OU, but he is an example of someone that has gotten many high paying jobs from his political connections. Democrat Dan Boren with the help of his dad's many political connections is where he is today. Brad Henry was a name not many recognized at all that ran for Governor against well known Steve. The odds were heavily against Brad but Brad won thanks to political connections and a favor or two given by well known Barry Switzer who promoted Brad Henry's name to be our Governor. Others have jumped from regular type jobs to the wealthy game of lobbying. Steve ended up losing to be Governor of Oklahoma but is now making many times over from his political connections what Brad makes as Governor.

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