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Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so. -- Acts 17:11, NASB

The verse above describes the people of Berea, in Greece. After Paul the Apostle and his companions had been chased out of Thessalonica, they came to Berea and began preaching in the synagogue there. Rather than persecute Paul, they heard him out, and they did their own investigation to see whether the things Paul said were in the Hebrew scriptures concerning the Messiah really were there.

I saw the spirit of the Bereans at work Thursday morning in Rich Fisher, host of KWGS's Studio Tulsa.

Former street commissioner Jim Hewgley and I were in the KWGS studio yesterday morning to record a show that is airing today at 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., regarding our opposition to the proposed Tulsa County sales tax increase for river projects. I always enjoy being on the program. Rich is a capable interviewer, saying just enough to elicit interesting information from his guests and asking the kinds of questions an intelligent listener would ask.

Early in the program, about four minutes in, I was pointing out that most of the money in the package on next Tuesday's ballot is not in the Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan, and that the "living river" and the 41st and 61st Street pedestrian bridges came from the work Bing Thom did for the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

Rich felt certain he had seen the pedestrian bridges in the master plan on INCOG's website. So he actually reached over and stopped the computer program that was recording us. He didn't want to put my statements on the air if he wasn't certain that they were true.

So he went to the INCOG website, went to the Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan page, and opened the file containing section 8 of the Phase II plan (warning -- very large PDF), which contains the nitty-gritty details. He acknowledged that I was correct, and we went on with the show.

Here's the audio from the show. You will hear the break about four minutes in, just before Rich Fisher, chuckling, says, "You've made your point." I only regret not pointing out on air what had just transpired, because listeners might think he was just getting me to move on to something else rather than conceding my point about the ARCMP.

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s said:

With Kathy Taylor in her first year as Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce used taxpayer money to fund a questionable foundation with close ties to convicted felon Gene Stipe a former Democrat State Senator that is in the news again today on news channel 6.

Using tax money for political purposes is the core of corruption and this case hurts the City of Tulsa.

Rural Development Foundation new in 2002 yet in 2003 gained permissionfrom the Oklahoma Water Resources Board to siphon 25 billion gallons of water from Lake Eufaula each year.

As Commerce Secretary Kathy Taylor was responsible for managing the entire Dept. appropriation including $350,000.00 to the Rural Development Foundation. The address of Rural Development Foundation office is recorded as Antlers, OK. Steve Phipps also owns an abstract business in Antlers, the Pushmataha County Abstract Co., at that same address 111 Main Street in Antlers. The Oklahoman reported Phipps business partner is Gene Stipe, former state democrat lawmaker.

Rural Development Foundation also received $350,000.00 from the Oklahoma Dept.of Agrig. The Rural Development Foundation got a total of $700,000.00 in Oklahoma taxpayer funds.

Taylor knew of the political and business relationships between Rural Development and admitted felon Gene Stipe. Did Taylor know the foundation planned to compete with the City of Tulsa in the sale of water to the City of Glenpool?

Mayor Kathy Taylor was invited to talk on some of the River Tax issues but declined an invitation to speak?
Michael Bates is doing the very best on investigating the River tax.

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

That's exactly what I thought when he said "you've made your point." that he was trying to get you to move along. I thought he was trying to push you past your argument. Thanks for clearing that up.

The A Team said:

Kathy Taylor also appointed Randy Ditman, who is connected to the Stipe straw man scandal, to the Comprehensive Plan Update Steering Committee.

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