River tax forums

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I've been invited to speak to a few river tax forums which are open to the public.

Tonight (Tuesday) at 6 p.m. at Webster High School, 40th & Yukon (a couple of blocks west of Union and a block north of 41st Street, west of the river) I'll be speaking at a forum hosted by District 2 Councilor Rick Westcott.

Thursday night at 7 p.m., I'll be speaking at a River Vote Forum sponsored by TU Earth Matters. It will be held at the University of Tulsa, Keplinger Hall (6th & Gary), Room M8. They're advertising the event with the tagline, "Hear a panel of local advocates and opponents separate the facts from the propaganda before you vote.

Sunday morning at 10 a.m., I'll be speaking at All Souls Unitarian Church, 29th & Peoria. Other panel members will be Ken Neal, senior editor at the Tulsa World, Vic Vreeland, Mayor of Jenks, and Kevin Stubbs of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Former KOTV anchor Clayton Vaughn will be the moderator. Strictly speaking this is a church event, not a public meeting, but I suppose it would be as open to visitors as any church service would be.

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s said:

There was a big meeting at lunch today at Los Cabos. Watch your news channels tonight. Randi Miller was there -- she looks like she is doing a lot better financially than a few years ago with her current job. KFAQ was also there. Interesting the river is really low today as though it was done for vote purposes.

All Souls is a very small church that the Tulsa Worlds newspaper will have any news on that event in favor of the River Tax. The ones pushing the River Tax are friends of the Lortons. So as usual there will be biased newspaper coverage in the Tulsa World of that Sunday event.

s said:

Will Bank of Oklahoma be overlooking the financing of the River Tax vote if it passes?

I find it interesting that a River tax meeting was held at Los Cabos overlooking the river at lunch today You have a developer that was very successful just as other developers can be just as successful without the raising more taxes and passing on that burden to tax payers of Tulsa.
More mail to vote yes in the mail today. Honestly, do you know any little kids that are going around saying "make our DREAMS comes true" with this tax vote? Most in Tulsa have no clue about the jobs will create many low paying jobs that are temporary. The restaurant workers and retail workers will not be well paid either.

I dream of a job on the riverbank -- yes developers will be making a fortune without this tax vote. If you go on Riverside Drive there already is a soccer field but the road is closed at that location now.

I dream of a whitewater park? Come on, who wants to flip over in that muddy Arkansas river that they say it's not preferable to swim in and when they say "white" water you mean a river with a little flow?

Mickey said:

You know, I have tried so many times to get someone to answer a question I have.......I have read the ballot, there are so many holes in it you could drive a Mack truch through it... What in the world are we going to end up paying for if this goes through???
When it states "Any Indebtedness" That sends chills up my spin!
Tulsa had better wake it up fast before we are stuck with something that we do not want.

IT HAS NOT EVEN BEEN APPROVED. I do not trust the government of Tulsa to handle any of the money and I am out there everyday sharing things that I have heard through meetings and peole are amazed!

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