Tulsa Solar Tour, November 10

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If you're interested in ways of reducing the cost and environmental impact of homes and businesses, there are three open houses this Saturday afternoon that you'll want to visit, all part of the Tulsa Solar Tour:

  • Harvest Solar Energy office at 442 S. Utica, a converted bungalow that uses passive solar energy.
  • The Geer/Palmieri residence at 1352 E. 43rd Pl., new construction in the Brooktowne subdivision (former home of the John Zink Plant) with concrete-and-Styrofoam insulation, geothermal climate control and water-heating, and other energy-efficient features
  • The House of the Lifted Lorax, 4014 W. 42nd Place, home to Route 66 Ron and Emily, the Red Fork Hippie Chick: "West Tulsa cottage in the historic Red Fork neighborhood features a grid-tied solar power system, extensive use of simple techniques to reduce energy consumption, and several outdoor projects designed to reduce the homeowners' ecological footprint, including an organic garden, henhouse, and backyard apiary."

The homes are open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the event is part of the American Solar Energy Society's 12th annual National Solar Tour.

Emily has more info, including a PDF flyer with details and directions for the buildings on Tulsa's tour.

Ron and Emily have a blog devoted to their efforts to reduce their house's environmental footprint. Even if you aren't very Green, you have to admire a home with an electric meter that runs backwards.

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Paul Tay said:

Excellent! With December crude at $125, and gas about to hit $4, how about the Tulsa Solar Home Bike Tour? Meet up at 1000, Saturday, 3701 S Peoria.

Emily said:

I can't decide whether PSO's confusion over the meter is funny or just depressing. Hopefully someday we'll all have meters that run backwards. There's something satisfying about watching one go ... makes you feel like you're really sticking it to The Man. :) Ron posted a video of ours here.

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