PSO outage maps

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Interesting stuff on the PSO website, where you can find a map of restoration progress and a map of metro area outages. I'm not sure about that restoration map: Are the blank areas those that never lost power, or areas that just aren't "in progress" yet?

They have photos, too, and this description:

PSO is staging a massive effort to restore power as quickly as possible to customers in Tulsa and across northeastern Oklahoma following the devastating December 9 and 10 ice storm. Approximately 1,500 line workers from PSO's sister utility companies in the AEP System and from other utilities and contractors are working with approximately 500 PSO line workers to restore power. The power restoration effort is supported by a force of 1,000 tree trimmers needed to clear the tangled forest of collapsed trees from PSO's equipment, so repairs can be made.

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JW said:

This map is just a result of very poor GIS analysis.

Take point locations of outage reports, buffer them X distance. Take point locations of known locations with power, buffer X distance. Synbolize both buffers with a crappy polygon fill, hit export to PDF and voila!

For the whitespace question, I suspect that either no one reported in those areas, or they never lost power. I doubt the later.

I know somewhere, someplace, PSO has a polyline layer of their transmission grid for Tulsa. And I know that they have sensors along those lines that can report back telemetry to generate dynamic decision support products. Why they can't make better maps to inform the public is beyond me. This is GIS 101.

Don Author Profile Page said:

The only way for it to make sense (to me) is for the blank areas to be ones that never lost power.

I was thinking, it would have been nice if the image had a generic name and was periodically updated by PSO so that news sites and bloggers could link to it and they'd have it automatically updated on their websites.

sbtulsa Author Profile Page said:

Our poweer went out Monday morning, we were back in business Tuesday afternoon. We are at 31st and 145th east in sunwood hills.

hope that helps in interpreting.

JW said:

Well, Don, what would be nice is if PSO would just provide an outward facing web mapping site with all this info on it so people could create their own maps. But I think that is about 10 years ahead of the technology curve at PSO.

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