Tulsa Boy Singers concert cancelled

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Because of the snow, tonight's (Saturday's) performance of the Tulsa Boy Singers Christmas concert has been cancelled.

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David V Author Profile Page said:

Friday night's performance was nice.

Evidently some of the choir was sick or otherwise prevented from participating, but the boys who were there gave an extra effort and filled the sanctuary with great songs.

Jackie Boyd was stuck in Ponca City. She was the only person I knew from 10 years ago when my son was in the choir.

Not much else was changed though. The format was only different in that teen boys (13-16) are now in the choir. It used to be 8-12 year olds only.

The audience participation in certain songs is also new. At least I don't recall that happening in the '90s.

The spring concert will be nice to see again.

I'm posting a link to my son's current musical project. Click on my name if you'd like to hear some of his recordings of his original folk music.

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