Why "Stop McCain"? (part 1 of a series)

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On Tuesday, I'm voting for whichever candidate has a shot at finishing first in Oklahoma ahead of John McCain. (At the moment, that appears to be Mike Huckabee.) I want to stop his momentum toward the nomination. Part of it is that I don't want anyone to steamroll to a majority of delegates by finishing first with only 35% of the vote in a bunch of states. Part of it is that none of the remaining candidates are consistent conservatives, and I'd like to give the delegates at the national convention the chance to come up with a better choice.

There are plenty of reasons to admire John McCain, both for his military service and his service in Congress. He is solid on the War on Terror. From a conservative perspective, he would still be a better pick for President than whoever the Democrats nominate. But there are plenty of reasons why a McCain presidency would be the worst of any realistic option remaining to Republican primary voters. Between now and Tuesday I'll post some of those reasons here. Here's the first one:

In 2001, when the GOP was hanging by a thread to a majority in the Senate, John McCain negotiated with Senate Democratic leaders about leaving the Republican Party and organizing with the Democrats, giving the Democrats the majority and putting key Senate committee chairmanships in the hands of extreme left-wingers. (Via Ace of Spades HQ.)

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Floyd said:

You'd take Hillary or Obama over McCain?


Not at all: "From a conservative perspective, [McCain] would still be a better pick for President than whoever the Democrats nominate."

But I can see how this sentence may have led you to think that: "But there are plenty of reasons why a McCain presidency would be the worst option beyond a Democrat in the White House." So I'm changing the sentence to make my intent clearer.

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

I have to ask, whats the difference between Hillary and McCain?

as the above linked article points out

McCain is for Embryonic stem cell research, open borders (and has a mexico first proponent advising him), voted against the gay marriage amendment, voted against tax cuts (and openly lied about the reasons in the last debate), he fought the appointment of Alito, was one of the primary authors of McCain-Feingold (anti first amendment), McCain-Kennedy (anti sovereignty, pro-terrorism), and McCain-Lieberman (anti sovereignty). He is (was?) in favor of the Law of the Sea treaty, and believes in global warming,and that the US should unilaterally go about "fixing" it... both of which also affect out sovereignty.

If we are going to have a liberal in office I would rather it be a democrat, so when "it" hits the fan (which it is getting ready to do) it wont be the conservative republicans getting the blame...

Michelle Author Profile Page said:

I'm glad to hear you say this, Michael. I came to the same conclusion this morning. Whoever will help knock McCain out is who I will vote for. If he gets the nomination, I honestly do not know what I will do. I am not sure I will/can vote for him.

roy said:

dittos take up bits. but ditto to both mad okie and michelle.

I think (read: hope) the gag reflex will stop Hillary from getting the nomination. If its rinocain v obama, I'm gonna have a tough choice. Much tempted to go the way of mad okie's last sentence. Not only for reason noted, but also cause it might result in conservatives in next legislature election.

keith from mass said:

Ok but Mitt Romney is no conservative, I watched him campaign for senator (and lost to Teddy Kennedy at his most vunerable point) He did so by talking like a liberal. After he lost and came back to run for govenor he learned to act liberal as well.
Wouldn't you love to have a chance to change out the trustees of our nations most liberal state universities, with out any confirmation process to get in the way - Mitt had that chance and never even bothered to fill expired terms.
The health care mess - he claims it is about market based but check out the commonwealth connector web site it is controlled and subsidised health plan not a limited and private insurance policy. Yuk...
If you need to vote other than to stop Hillary or Obama - vote for the only true conservative an make a statement with Paul. He is a good man but I am voting to stop hillary and McCain could not even beat kennedy!!!

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