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Gwen Freeman, until recently host of KFAQ Mornings here in Tulsa, has rejoined Michael DelGiorno at WWTN (Supertalk 99.7 WTN) in Nashville. Starting tomorrow, you'll be able to hear her on DelGiorno's program from 9 am to 1 pm each weekday. (You can listen live to WTN by clicking here. Please note that the link works best in Internet Explorer.) The station will be easing her into the co-host position, so you probably won't hear much of her at first.

Gwen's departure is a loss for Tulsa radio, and I know from the many comments and questions I've received these past three weeks that her friends and listeners miss her dearly. I do, too. I'm hopeful that Nashville's larger market, there at the hub of the music industry, will give greater scope for her talents.

MORE: KFAQ is searching for a new morning show host. The qualifications -- a minimum of three to five years talk show experience, preferably morning show experience, plus:

A knowledge and understanding of issues important to a conservative talk show audience. Excellent verbal and written communications skills required; good voice quality that includes clear enunciation; ability to present your perspectives and insights in an entertaining and creative way; strong problem solving abilities; high work ethic; ability to meet deadlines and detail orientation; operate studio equipment; general knowledge of radio station operation; computer proficiency; an appreciation and understanding of the sales process.

In addition to hosting the morning show, the job requires "blogging and other web generated content tied to the morning show; public appearances; community/event involvement, and other duties as assigned by managers."

UPDATE: Tulsa Business Journal has a quote from WWTN management:

"Tulsa's loss is my gain," said John Mountz, WWTN vice president. "We have been looking forward to re-uniting them."

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Dan Paden said:

A loss for Tulsa radio? That's putting it mildly. While I certainly appreciate your contributions to the show, Michael, and think that Mr. Medlock is coming along swimmingly, I can't help but feel that the show benefited enormously from Gwen's experience and personality, to the point where I strongly question whether there is much of a future for KFAQ's morning show at all.

You're right, Dan. I did understate the matter. Gwen's combination of radio experience and political awareness was key to the show. I think that's evident in the ad that the station has placed for her replacement, a link to which I've now added to this entry.

Too bad DelGiorno is gone; I might have considered offering my services as a guest on his show. I'm surprised you haven't seen the Tulsa Business Journal's brief yet this afternoon, Michael.

I don't see it on their website -- was it in the dead tree edition?

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

Im begining to think this has been in the works for a while... maybe KFAQ didnt know about it.

It's no secret that Michael wanted Gwen to join him in Nashville from the very beginning last April, but she decided to stay. I think WWTN left the door open if she ever decided to leave KFAQ.

Jan Thomas said:

Thanks for answering the question for us Michael. I, for one, will continue to listen as I learn from everyone who is on the program. Yes, I do miss Gwen. And I always enjoyed Michael, but it became increasingly apparent that he was not satisfied with much of anything. But for the interim, I have to hand it to those who are doing the show. They are keeping it going. And I will keep listening. I trust Brian Gann and I know he will find the right guy. I hope that you will always continue your spots too. We waited a long time to get such a station and I refuse to stop listening because they have hit a bump. They will get it right in time.

Phil Hilliker said:

Miss Gwen I enjoy your views and perspectives. KEEP IT UP! Mike may step on your opinions on occasion but you are still the smarter one.

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