Pat Campbell coming to KFAQ

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I found out last night; the promos started running today: Talk Radio 1170 KFAQ's search for a morning show host is over, and the new man is Pat Campbell, formerly of WFLA 540 in Orlando. As I noted a month ago when Pat was in town to try out, he seems to be a solid conservative. In 2006 and 2007, he was named one of Talkers Magazine's 250 most influential talk show hosts. Pat's first day will be next Tuesday, April 22.

Elvis Polo will stay on in the mornings as Pat's producer. Chris Medlock will move to afternoons from 2-4, starting in May, and Brent Smith will run the boards for him. (Chris's show will displace "Brian and the Judge.")

MORE: Pat announces the move on his blog: "I was just blown away with my visit to Tulsa. Journal has put together a top notch team led by Randy Bush and Brian Gann. I have all the tools needed to make a real ratings splash. I'm surrounded by a team of professionals that will help us take KFAQ to the top." Pat also mentions that his contract with Journal is a three-year deal.

KFAQ, with its emphasis on local talk and its motto of "Standing Up for What's Right," means a great deal to many Tulsans who for many years were frustrated by the one-sided way the mainstream local media outlets framed the issues. I'm happy that KFAQ has found someone of Pat's caliber to carry on that legacy, and I'm sure I speak for many others in the "Q nation" in wishing him a warm welcome

RELATED: Last month, KFAQ's parent company, Journal Broadcast Group, announced a special election year emphasis for its TV stations and news/talk radio stations during the month before November's general election:

"Our stations are always committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality news coverage of important local stories. This year we renew our initiative to provide viewers and listeners in each of our markets with the best we have to offer in election coverage," said [Doug Kiel, President, Journal Communications Inc. and Vice Chairman and CEO, Journal Broadcast Group].

The Journal Broadcast Group's "2008 Red, White and Blue Election Initiative" on television newscasts and news/talk radio stations includes:

  • A minimum of five minutes of news coverage daily, Monday through Friday, in the 30 days prior to the general election. This coverage will be broadcast in the afternoon and late evening newscasts on television and in high listener time periods on radio.
  • The coverage will be focused on candidates running for office in federal, state and significant local elections.
  • Coverage will consist of interviews, profiles and viewers' questions.
  • Debates will be offered where appropriate.
  • Stations will run public service announcements encouraging viewers to get out and vote.

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Pamela said:

I also heard the spots last night and that Chris would have an afternoon show. I was hoping that it would replace Brian and the Judge and NOT Laura Ingraham. A few days ago I was hoping that Pat would come on as the host. I called in during one of the programs. I really enjoyed engaging him. Same with Chris:)

Because of my work schedule I do not get a chance to listen as much as I used to. The change in hosts did not affect my desire to listen to the program. My main reason was getting information about local issues from a conservative perspective. That has continued and looks like will continue in the days to come. The Tulsa Whirled is a waste of time. I can almost predict what they will say on issues. Why bother reading them except as a source of ridicule????

If I can I make it a point to listen on Tuesday mornings when there is such an emphasis on local issues.

Since you mentioned Tuesday mornings, I've been told by station management that my regular Tuesday morning segment will not continue. Yesterday was the last one. Pat or Chris may have me on from time to time to talk about a specific issue, but there won't be a regular time to tune in to hear me on KFAQ.

Pamela said:

Thanks for the info. I bet you will still be on a bit, just not in a regular time slot. There is so much stuff going on right now that your input would be helpful on. I'm sure I will catch you again.

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

In a way Im sorry to see Chris move, I think he was finally becoming a good host, and the chemestry between him Elvis and Lori has been very enjoyable. Im most upset with Bruce moving to Saturday. the only time I listen to the radio is on the way to and from work and to church. I dont care about gardening on Sunday morning... and Michael you will be missed on Tuesdays... hopefully they will reinstate you... if you want that is.

Jan Thomas said:

I knew that in time, Mr. Gann would make a move.Mr.Campbell was quite good the 2 mornings that I heard him. I am glad that Chris will be continuing in the afternoon too. But, I really will miss listening to you Michael. I will just have to keep up with the blog and Urban Tulsa. Hope you will be visiting with the new host now and then. Think I will write KFAQ and tell them. Or maybe in the afternoon, but I am sure that would be hard to do and have your regular job too.

Thanks for the kind words, Jan. I told Brian that if Pat would like my perspective on a local issue, whether on the air or off the air, just give me a call. Same goes for Chris, of course.

Whoever delivers it, I think it's crucial to have an alternative perspective to the daily paper discussing local issues and local politics during morning drive, and I hope Pat will cover those issues as he gets to know the city. A blog has the immediacy of radio, but not the reach. Urban Tulsa comes closer to radio in terms of reach, but as a weekly it doesn't have the immediacy. Only a well-listened-to morning show can truly rival a daily newspaper in terms of informing public opinion.

Justinian said:

Like Mad Okie, I will miss Bruce DeLay. Bruce has a loyal following and addresses segments of both the news and the KFAQ listeners that no one else could. I would really have liked to have seen Bruce given a more prominent, regular spot in the "Q" lineup. I can't help but wonder if the time given to Bruce doesn't reflect the management's attitude toward Bruce's listeners.

Jennifer Weaver Author Profile Page said:

I think Chris will be a refreshing change for that timeslot. If he's gonna get me from 2-3pm, he'll have to be talking local stuff, though! lol

However, I have to say, I always made it a point to turn on Tuesday mornings to listen to Michael! Can't get enough of the 'local' political/development information. Hopefully, KFAQ will find a regular timeslot for Michael, so we'll all know when to be sure to listen for him. Whether that's back on in the mornings, or with Chris, maybe via the phone in the afternoons, Michael is very informative for Tulsans and will be greatly missed if they don't get him back somewhere.

I haven't heard Pat, yet. From what has been said here, he sounds like he'll do a great job. I look forward to listening to him.

I'm glad for these changes at KFAQ!

Bruce is still on from 5 to 6 on Saturday evenings. (I was surprised, though, to see that they've cut his time back from three hours to one.) It would be nice to have him back on during "Sunday morning drive" -- for a lot of people, the only time they listen to the radio is when they're in the car.

paul said:

you guys are gonna love pat!!! I just hope your smart enough to keep him for good!!! we in erie still miss his show after 10 plus years. you don't know what you had untill its all gone!! good luck pat if it doesn't work out come back home!!

sbtulsa Author Profile Page said:

I enjoyed Pat in his two day "trial". I think Chris was good in his role in the mornings. I'll have to check him out in the afternoons with after having a good night's sleep. as to Mr. Bates not continuing on with his appearances, I think that's a mistake. Michael connected with the average citizen. At least the ones I hang around with. that would be a benefit for a host coming in from out of town. I really hope the focus starys local. The same for the Friday legislative update.

Ah progress. Good luck Pat, good luck Chris. Tulsa needs good rable rousers stirring up the airwaves. I'll even call in a time or two.

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