"The law does not concern itself with trifles"

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I was listening to the news on KRMG and was inappropriately amused to learn that the lawyer for District Judge Jesse Harris, who has been charged with indecent exposure, is named Allen Smallwood. Which fact inappropriately reminded me of a certain Latin legal phrase and a rather fitting limerick which ends in that phrase (after the jump to avoid scandalizing the easily offended).

There was a young lawyer named Rex
who had very small organs of sex.
When charged with exposure
he said with composure
de minimis non curat lex.

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DavidS said:

Don't guess Yvonne will be "covering" this during the newscast.

Col. Burkshire said:

You are a clever man! I have held residence close to the office of that lawyer. I find him to be a respectable fellow. Most hopefully he will make the trial zippy! ;)
Respectfully yours, B

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