Happy 5th Blogiversary to me!

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BatesLine is five years old today. Although that doesn't come close to Dustbury's longevity, five years of fairly consistent and continuous blogging is pretty impressive in a world where blogs start and end at an alarming rate, if I do say so myself.

Here is the Wayback Machine's first snapshot (in August of 2003) of my first month of posts.

Blogging has been a wonderful thing for me. It has given me an outlet to express my interests and opinion and to connect with other people -- here in Tulsa and around the world -- who share those concerns.

The whole thing really started out as, "SInce we're switching from dialup to DSL, maybe I should buy a domain so we can keep our e-mail addresses if we change ISPs." One of the best prices for domain hosting was a company called BlogHosts (RIP), which came with Movable Type 2.6.3 pre-installed, so why not give this blogging thing a try?

I had the good timing to start blogging just as Vision 2025 was gaining public attention. I had plenty of local politics to write about, although it wasn't my original vision for BatesLine that it should be dominated by local issues.

My blogging caught the attention of KFAQ's Michael DelGiorno, and right after the Vision 2025 election, Michael and his co-host Gwen Freeman took me to St. Michael's Alley (RIP) to pitch the idea of a weekly follow-up on Vision 2025. That broadened over time to cover the full scope of local politics. At some point we switched from Monday to Tuesday, and if I missed any weeks through the four and a half years, it was only one or two. Serving as a guest analyst on election night 2004, participating in election post-mortem roundtables, and filling in with Gwen when Michael was off are among some of the highlights.

(Although the regular weekly guest slot on KFAQ is no more, you may be hearing me on the radio again before too long.)

Being on the air every week caught the attention of Urban Tulsa Weekly reporter George Shultz, who wrote a profile of me in July 2005. Through that, Keith Skrzypczak brought me on to write a column for the paper. That began in September 2005. To bring things full circle, the column's tight focus on local politics allowed me to restore a broader focus to BatesLine. The linkblog allowed me to pass along links of interest -- blogging in its fundamental form -- with a minimum of fuss.

I'll stop there for now, but later today look for some highlights from the past five years, and an appreciation of the many wonderful blog-pals I've made.

Thanks for reading and celebrating this milestone with me.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the lovely well wishes. I'm sorry, but I didn't get anything more added today. I did attend a wonderful event: The Holocaust remembrance at Temple Israel. There was an overflow crowd. (Well over a thousand, I would say.) My son sang with the Tulsa Boy Singers. The featured speakers were Dr. Leon Bass, an American World War II veteran who was one of the liberators of Buchenwald, and Robbie Waisman, a survivor of Buchenwald. There was an emphasis on honoring those who had fought against fascism and had liberated the camps. Seven World War II veterans were given the honor of lighting remembrance candles at the end of the service. My son knew the basic facts of the Holocaust, but hearing these speakers tell their personal stories brought it home to him. Mr. Waisman was about the age my son is now when his secure and loving home was torn apart by the Nazis. Only he and a sister survived; five brothers and both parents were put to death.

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It's the fifth anniversary of BatesLine, and, courtesy of the Wayback Machine, here's a look at the first month's worth of posts. And there's no arguing with this: [F]ive years of fairly consistent and continuous blogging is pretty impressive in... Read More


Dan Paden said:

Hey, I've enjoyed reading it. Keep on wit' yer rat-killin', ok?

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

Congrats! It seems like it's been longer than 5 years, no?

Batesline has made a huge contribution to the political dialogue in Tulsa and the state for that matter, so kudos to your for your consistency and thoughtfulness.

Natasha said:

Happy birthday, Batesline! You do great work, Michael.

And YES, RIP, St. Michael's Alley - RIP. My life just hasn't been the same without their glorious potato salad...

Steve Arnold said:

Congratulations Michael and Batesline! You still lead the way for Tulsa Bloggers. You are the reason I started and continue to blog.

I marvel at your ability to articulate and communicate on issues. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to many.

Happy Birthday! Will you be baking your site a cake?

Congratulations on five great years of Tulsa blogging!

See-Dubya said:

Congratulations! Keep it up!

Don Author Profile Page said:

Happy 5th! Really enjoy reading your blog, it is a great source of information on all things Tulsa. Here's to another great five.

Bob said:

Congratulations to Michael!

I've been a regular reader of www.batesline.com from its earliest days.

Tulsans should appreciate the alternative viewpoints espoused in Batesline. You can be certain that www.Batesline.com has earned Michael Bates the undying enmity of the local moneyed estabishment.

I'll believe that there's hope for change in Tulsa when Michael gets appointed to the TMUA, TDA, TMAPC, or even the BOA.

However, I don't think that Michael would be very welcome at these Favors-Trading Networks.

Happy Blogiversary indeed. As far as I am concerned you're one of the first, and best, localbloggers anywhere. I really wIsh there were more like you.

rick said:

Congratulations! It's great to see your civic blog going strong after so many years. Your success is inspiring.

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