"Meat falls off the bo-o-one"

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Will Ferrell has a TV ad for Mr. Spriggs Barbecue in Midwest City, Okla., as his video pick of the week:

Usually even a good commercial makes me think "Yeah, right. Of course you're saying that. You wanna sell your thing." This video makes me want to move to Oklahoma and eat Mr. Spriggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Taco Bell fourth meal. Enjoy the joy.

That smooth voice you hear belongs to Cameron Dukes:

Cameron Dukes, simply known as Cam amongst friends, defines the word "smooth" with his relaxed mixture of R&P(Rhythm & Praise) and Rap. His debut album "Just Listen" is filled with a message of purity, hope and God's love, challenging the listener to make Godly decisions in life.

An Italian blog had this to say about the commercial:

Se passate per Midwest city, non potete non andare da Mr. Spriggs, il grande mago del barbecue. Ciò che però fa ridere di questo filmato, non è Mr. Spriggs in se stesso, ma il modo in cui il suo locale viene promosso.

In pratica sembrerebbe un classico videoclip di Mario, R. Kelly, o di qualche musicista di colore, R'n'B di classe insomma, ma invece di parole d'amore, ecco parole focose, carnali, per un barbecue insomma.

Instead of words of love, words of fiery meats, of barbecue in short.

(Via The Lost Ogle.)

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Actually I liked Mr. Spriggs when they were in their old location before Midwest City revamped their business district. As for "meat falls off the bone"? What I learned about bbq is that if the meat falls off the bone, the whole thing is overcooked.

Were they in the old Tinker Plaza?

You may be right about "meat falls off the bone" being overcooked some of the time, but I worked on a barbecue with Councilor John Eagleton, and he smoked some Boston pork butts for pulled pork. The meat cooked for several hours at about 200 degrees -- just below the boiling point. Normally you have to pull the meat off the bone with tongs, since it's a rather complicated bone and doesn't come out cleanly. On these, the bone just slid out, and the meat was amazingly tender and flavorful. The key, I think, is cooking it slow and low.

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