Bell v. Miller Monday night and Wednesday morning

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Tonight, the two Republican candidates for Tulsa County District 2 Commissioner, incumbent Randi Miller and challenger Sally Bell, will meet in a debate during the regular monthly meeting of the After Five Republican Women's Club, at Marie Callender's on 51st Street east of Harvard. Dinner begins at 5:45; the program begins at 6:15.

Bell and Miller will debate each other on the Pat Campbell show on 1170 KFAQ Wednesday morning at 8:00.

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Jason Bell said:

No show on Randi tonight for the debate ... She just can't seem to make it to these scheduled meetings. Someone needs to get her a day planner or a PDA or something.

Shadow6 said:

Ah, but no. Randi bailed at the last minute.

Why talk to 75 people when you can talk to a whole bunch on KFAQ Wednesday? Especially if you have the host deeply conflicted about what questions to ask?

I'll bet there will be some sort of surprise spring on Sally Bell Wednesday (Or Saturday by the latest) in the form of some sort of slime or false story or other dirty politics trick to confuse the voters before the primary election. How else can Randi win?

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