Discount Tire: One free plug deserves another

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Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, three times is a tradition. (So went a saying that was common around my college fraternity house.)

Two years in a row now, our minivan has suffered a flat tire as we returned home from a trip to Texas. Last year, the tread came off of our left rear tire while on the H. E. Bailey Turnpike south of Chickasha. The Wal-Mart tire store stayed open a bit later and replaced our tire for us, allowing us to make it back to Tulsa that night.

This year we were on our way back, coming up I-35 from San Antonio, where I had been on business, bringing the family along from our trip to Stamford. We stayed overnight in Denton, and the following morning my wife noticed the right rear tire had gone flat. (I was too busy congratulating myself on a good job repacking the back to notice the flat.)

While I put the temp spare on and rearranged the back of the van to accommodate the flat, my wife called tire stores. We wound up at Discount Tire, 2245 S Loop 288, just off of I-35E. The LaQuinta gave us an extra half hour in the room so the rest of the family could stay cool while I changed the tire.

Discount Tire took care of us in just over an hour, during which time we had lunch at the Burger King next door, which had a huge indoor play area. The tire had a leak, which they were able to fix. When the manager handed me my keys and my bill, I saw that the total was $0.00.

"No charge? That was a lot of time and effort for no charge."

"I'd tell you to keep us in mind when you need tires, but you're not from around here. But we'll be in Oklahoma before long."

Discount Tire is in 22 states. There are four locations "coming soon" to Oklahoma City: I-240 & Shields, Kilpatrick Tpk & Penn, 10800 N May, and 8268 NW Expressway.

The Denton location of Discount Tire deserves praise for showing kindness to travelers who were very unlikely to become customers.

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David V Author Profile Page said:

Both Hibdon & Robertson do this for us, now.

I'm glad you had a safe trip. & Tell Joseph we'll all proud of him.

recyclemichael said:

Remind me not to ride with you. If we take a trip together, I am driving.

JW said:

I do wish they would hurry up and get a store in Tulsa. They'd put a lot of these highway robbers out of business.

Great service. But I don't think I'll ever ride in your car on a roadtrip.

I would have hated to have gotten a flat in most of the drive between Joplin and OKC last night. Not much there to begin with and almost nothing open at 1am.

Brent Taylor Author Profile Page said:

Hesselbein Tire will do the same and are nice to work with in the process. They had me in and out in twenty minutes last week.

Two new tires for the old truck and changed a flat in the process.

Don't even get me started on Robertson tire...the absolute worst.

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