Obama gags veep, wife, self

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Fearing an election-losing gaffe, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama today banned himself from talking to the press about substantive issues until after the election. Previously, his vice presidential running mate Joe Biden and his wife Michelle Obama were muzzled to prevent more campaign damage.

Should I hold my breath waiting for Peggy Noonan, Christopher Buckley, Rod Dreher, Kathleen Parker, et al., to express outrage or "deep concern" at Obama's refusal/inability to face tough questions?

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Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

Actually a good strategy when you're winning a football game. Its like taking a knee with 30 seconds to go on the clock.

Only thing, this isn't a football game. He and his cronies want this power in the worst sort of way, and they're afraid of screwing it up. Can you imagine the potentially most powerful person in the world afraid to answer a question for fear of a gaffe.

It's telling.

Paul Tay Author Profile Page said:

Looks to me like a page straight of the Karl Rove Playbook. Worked for the far-right wing. Should work for the far-left too.

Bates, tell me YOU want want four MORE years. McCain is about as maverick as Karen Kaye Keith.

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